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a categorical assurance
unambiguously explicit and direct.
translation of 'categorical'
Both Ms. Rice and Mr. Gonzales gave the required 'categorical' rejection of torture.
Wheeler is 'categorical' that this has played a large part in Leicester's success.
Because if he's now making a 'categorical' statement ruling this out, that would be a shift in his position.
I shall be 'categorical' in saying Simone King will make a worthy MCSG President if elected.
And as yet no 'categorical' denial has been forthcoming from Montenegrin authorities.
Here the select committee is 'categorical' : the government has failed.
Swinney gave a 'categorical' promise never to sanction any more nuclear power stations in Scotland - ever.
He wrote to Mr Southcombe last month to ask for a 'categorical' assurance that the youngsters would not suffer any long-term health effects.
Dr Booth is 'categorical' about how severe the problem of childhood obesity has become.
Earlier, party officials made it clear that this was a 'categorical' rejection of a coalition with Labour after the next election.
Tory co-chairman Liam Fox said the Attorney General had ultimately given clear and 'categorical' advice.
So the Northern Territorians can take that as an absolute, 'categorical' assurance.
It wasn't a 'categorical' statement that she would give me the ticket.
If we don't get promoted to Division One, the year is a total, 'categorical' failure.
The answer is a 'categorical' no, except in crofting areas, where a few crofters may be a little better off.
So his government was 'categorical' in its rejection of early release.
To me, one of the fundamental flaws of the Christian approach is the 'categorical' demonizing of lust.
However, he was 'categorical' that he was not attempting to glorify a caste or violence.
The official answer to the kidnappers has been both 'categorical' and at times confusing.
My defense in this case will not be technical or legalistic: it will be 'categorical' and absolute.
However, the statement received from the doctors said 'categorically' that they had no intention of moving.
In a dark day for Labour campaign strategists, the one bright moment for No 10 was that Gordon Brown leapt to Mr Blair's defence and delivered a lucid and 'categoric' defence of his old comrade.
We're not going to massage things or spin things, we are going to be absolutely 'categoric' about what we do, how much it would cost and where the finance will come from.
Can you give a 'categoric' assurance to the House that pipelines carrying that level of untreated gas are safe?
That was the question which seemed to linger despite Livingston's 'categoric' assertion that David Hay's appointment as head coach, confirmed before the game, would not entail team selection duties.
A woman in France had told Mr Michael Fish that a hurricane was coming, but he 'categorically' denied that during his forecast.
I can tell you quite 'categorically' that the people I spoke to, both before and after, were delighted that you were on the panel.
The comparative newness of the contaminated land regime and the complexity involved in the process means local authorities are not in a position to give a 'categoric' view or opinion.
Chisholm has now 'categorically' declared that he will not simply rubber-stamp health boards' decisions.
It is foolish to 'categorically' state that enlargement will destroy the EU.
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