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For the first time, an NFL championship game would be decided in sudden-death overtime.
a contest for the position of champion in a sport, often involving a series of games or matches.
Alan's championship of his estranged wife
the vigorous support or defense of someone or something.
translation of 'championship'
पोषक का पद,
This allowed Stirling to go on to add the title to his Bishopscourt 'championship' .
A world 'championship' biking event is coming to England for the first time and will be staged in the local area.
That would at least be in line with his long-established 'championship' of lost causes.
the final round of the 'championship' will be in Japan
Celtic fulfilled a fixture and moved towards a successful defence of their 'championship' yesterday.
For the first time, an NFL 'championship' game would be decided in sudden-death overtime.
Alan's 'championship' of his estranged wife
But we lost both matches in the 'championship' and the league, and I didn't enjoy that one bit.
I remember he came back for the 'championship' game and the coach put him in and I was really upset.
So my aim in the Asian 'championship' was to play games that would be entertaining to the spectators.
Their defence of the Scottish 'championship' may be surrendered before they kick another ball.
Zambia has met Egypt in the final qualifier of the biennial 'championship' and will play the first leg at home.
McCoy is cruising to his seventh consecutive jockey's 'championship' .
And he netted the first goal against Manchester City to clinch the league 'championship' at Maine Road in 1960.
Two years ago its players created history, capturing the county 'championship' for the first time ever.
Petter Solberg clinched his first world rally 'championship' by winning the Wales Rally GB on Sunday.
When C. P. Scott died, the innumerable tributes to him all emphasized his courage and integrity, his humanitarianism and his 'championship' of unpopular causes.
Things are a little different here, as I was to see in one of my first 'championship' matches.
If you are here playing for Rangers you are expected to deliver trophies and the most important one is the 'championship' .
The two rivals have been engaged in previous tough tussles for the national 'championship' title.
Such people are not notable for their 'championship' of libertarian causes outside the economic field.
He thought he had got their attention when he made the World 'championship' semifinals.
We did not manage to defend our 'championship' title, but this tournament was really outstanding.
Indeed they had already kicked more points than in any other game of the 'championship' .
Surely the old master will accept, double him straight back and win the game and the 'championship' ?
The winner of each division would meet in a 'championship' game at the end of the season.
Louise Gibson retained the women's 'championship'
In 1964 he captured the heavyweight 'championship' for the first time in a surprising sixth-round technical knockout of Sonny Liston.
Since then the pair have travelled the country competing in the 'championship' 's monthly race meetings.
There's no doubting the raw materials they have to construct a 'championship' contender.
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