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inscribe; engrave.
running away was not in keeping with her character
the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
The characters in both the novel and film are very two-dimensional topped off by a smug happy ending which feels empty.
a person in a novel, play, or movie.
translation of 'character'
निराला आदमी,
विशेष गुण,
मौजी आदमी,
soap 'character'
Under the legislation, a local authority may include plans to preserve the 'character' of the areas to ensure their preservation.
I'm sure someone in the office will be more than willing to give me a record on this shady 'character' .
A most amiable and kindly man, he was held in very high esteem and was a noted 'character' in the area.
He's a slippery 'character' whose public statements remind you of a fellow Rhodes scholar from Arkansas.
These are traits of 'character' that express the charm, warmth and sincerity of Hawaii's people.
The association works to preserve the rural 'character' of the area east of the Sammamish Valley.
He showed incredible strength of 'character' under the most extreme circumstances.
Bob was a shady seeming 'character' who hung out around the docks rather a lot.
He walked into the debriefing room and was greeted by General Li, a suspicious and shady 'character' .
If I had to name the most unpleasant aspect of my 'character' , the thing I dislike about myself the most, I'd say jealousy.
Jim has written to tell us about a particular teacher and family friend who sounds a real 'character' .
Officers, however, are recommending the scheme because it is considered to have a minimal impact on the rural 'character' of the area.
In future, house builders will have to work much more closely with planners to make sure anything they construct will fit in with the 'character' of the area.
gas lamps give the area its 'character'
The area had its own 'character' , and you could smell the atmosphere of old Milano, the Milano of Giuseppe Verdi.
But a spokesman for the authority said officers believed the revised scheme would not compromise the 'character' of any extended area.
Fr. Gerry Horan, was a very unusual 'character' in that he was a late vocation to the priesthood.
That speaks volumes about his independent 'character' and nature and also remarkable skill set.
Both were teenagers on the other side of the globe from their families, yet both had the strength of 'character' to survive and flourish.
the island is full of 'character'
Many bed and breakfasts have individual charm and 'character' , often in the spirit of the locale.
That is the identifying 'character' of the present species, differing from all other species of the genus.
Its small knots and colour variations can make for a lively, interesting floor that is full of 'character' .
Given his reputation as a carefree 'character' , it is no surprise that he balked at living under the constant scrutiny of Sir Clive's microscope.
it's in keeping with the 'character' of the building
Many apparently well-balanced people have no strength of 'character' .
Residents were notified of the scheme late last week and claim it will completely change the 'character' of the area.
Full of 'character' , romance and charm, these suites are extremely comfortable and make the perfect weekend hideaway.
He has qualities of 'character' rare in politics at the top, and hardly manifest in the president himself.
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