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चिह्नित करना
the historian characterized the period as the decade of revolution
describe the distinctive nature or features of.
the disease is characterized by weakening of the immune system
(of a feature or quality) be typical or characteristic of.
translation of 'characterize '
गुण या स्वभाव बताना,
प्रसिद्ध करना,
नाम देना,
चरित्र चित्रण करना
चिह्नित करना,
लक्षण बतलाना,
विवरण करना,
गुण करना,
स्वभाव बतलाना,
वर्णन करना,
चरित्र-चित्रण करना
Mr. Kendall testified that what was being described he would 'characterize' as a workmanship deficiency.
Consistently high temperatures, with no distinct dry season, 'characterize' the climate of this region.
It's just not accurate to 'characterize' newspaper design as anything but dynamic.
Some historians 'characterize' Du Bois's thinking as riddled with contradiction.
Because performance was so good, it was difficult to 'characterize' differences associated with better or worse performance.
Only the most revisionist historian would 'characterize' the Confederacy as an insurgency.
In a context such as the present, it is necessary to identify and 'characterise' the suggested error, and relate it to the legal rubric under which a decision is challenged.
A brand is simply a story or symbol, a way of describing or 'characterizing' an idea, a product or service.
How could we 'characterise' the nature of conflicts that have emerged throughout the world?
It was a social relationship 'characterized' by an unequal distribution of power and resources.
Such reactions have been 'characterized' to a considerable extent for this family of proteins that exists as dimers.
All boom periods have been 'characterised' by a huge increase in personal and corporate leverage.
The house is 'characterized' by peeling paint and uneven flooring that may become a danger to the occupants.
There is little detail of 'characterization' ; people are described mainly in brief physical terms.
The text can be 'characterized' in terms of its length and inherent interest.
They believe young children developing language skills are better at picking up the more distinct vowel sounds which 'characterise' baby talk.
The early part of the period was 'characterised' by modest profit levels despite the vast expansion of the domestic market.
Australian media organizations do not seem to have been 'characterized' by enlightened personnel practices.
The second stage is 'characterized' as a period of change in syntax and morphology yet stability in lexicon and fluency.
A predilection for forms over human figures 'characterises' her work in installation art.
Marx 'characterises' this period partly in terms of a change in the form of surplus value.
It used to be that when you introduced a new material, you spent 10 years 'characterizing' it and understanding it.
In spite of this the Oxford examination system is 'characterised' by a distinct lack of accountability to the student body.
Instead, he claims the period was 'characterised' by civil wars and broken treaties.
For some, it is 'characterised' by periods of relapse and remission, while for others it has a progressive pattern.
This makes her lame 'characterizations' of women even more heinous.
However, only a small number of hotspots have been 'characterized' in detail.
Mark clearly associates the storm with evil by 'characterizing' the wind with the same language he used to describe the demon exorcised by Jesus in chapter 1.
Second, this study suggests that drugs have to be 'characterized' also in terms of the timescale of their effects.
These differing 'characterizations' lead to quite different conventions.
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