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Cancer treatment using chemotherapy or radiotherapy can also make men infertile.
the treatment of disease by the use of chemical substances, especially the treatment of cancer by cytotoxic and other drugs.
translation of 'chemotherapy'
रसायन चिकित्सा,
Beryl now has to make a decision about having 'chemotherapy' because the cancer has spread.
This is used less often than surgery and 'chemotherapy' to treat ovarian cancer.
Medicines are available which reduce the side-effects of 'chemotherapy' such as nausea.
Her treatment was a course of 'chemotherapy' and radiotherapy followed by a lumpectomy.
Radiotherapy or 'chemotherapy' may also be required if the cancer has spread.
Usually small cell lung cancers spread quickly, and the best treatment is 'chemotherapy' .
Many cancer cells damaged by 'chemotherapy' can go on to repair their DNA and then reform.
You will need to visit hospital a number of times to have radiotherapy or 'chemotherapy' .
When 'chemotherapy' failed to induce remission he made a brave decision not to have any more.
Current 'chemotherapy' is much safer and more effective than previous treatments.
Some of it is because we use 'chemotherapy' , some of it is because we use radiation therapy.
Different 'chemotherapy' drugs may be used alone or in combinations of two or more drugs.
There seemed only a slim chance she would survive but after 'chemotherapy' the cancer went away.
Cancer treatment using 'chemotherapy' or radiotherapy can also make men infertile.
We can offer you treatment with 'chemotherapy' , and I would definitely advise you to accept it.
In addition he developed lung cancer, though he seemed to have responded well to 'chemotherapy' .
The youngster had to undergo treatment which included radiotherapy and 'chemotherapy' .
If the cancer has spread to the liver or lungs, then 'chemotherapy' is often tried first.
The main treatments for bone cancer are 'chemotherapy' , radiotherapy, and surgery.
David endured gruelling 'chemotherapy' and radiotherapy treatment as well as major surgery.
People using these drugs were called 'chemotherapists' and are now called medical oncologists or cancer specialists.
I asked my first question of my doctor and 'chemotherapist' : ‘What is the best technical literature about mesothelioma?’
When celebrated 'chemotherapist' Dr Kettering found out he had advanced cancer, he told his colleagues, ‘Do anything you want - but no chemotherapy!’
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