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the entries are in chronological order
(of a record of events) starting with the earliest and following the order in which they occurred.
translation of 'chronological'
By contrast, scientists working from a creation perspective view all significant geological events within a Biblical 'chronological' framework.
Finally, employing this 'chronological' and geographical framework, Mosk surveys Japan's modern industrial and urban history in general.
Penberthy's initial decision to put the poems in 'chronological' sequence of composition established a solid reference point, a relatively easy plan to conceive and a very hard one to carry out.
Moore's approach is 'chronological' with interpretation of important events and personalities based upon her study of the Zambelli records.
The 'chronological' differences between past and present in time travel are marked.
Its treatment of political events is 'chronological' and quite detailed.
The story is the 'chronological' succession of events that serve as the foundation or the building blocks of the narrative.
This time, the result was rather more encouraging: I'd turned the clock back 21 years, bringing my 'chronological' age and biological age into line.
The final section, ‘men and events’, gives a 'chronological' approach to the period.
Kala's book is not straight 'chronological' biography.
Clarke writes briskly, his narrative strictly 'chronological' , starting with Judy's parents and ending with her funeral.
It is true that he recognizes the scene as an event in his life, and to this degree acknowledges the 'chronological' link with his past self.
The exhibition is arranged thematically within a 'chronological' framework with works rarely seen or examined outside their country of origin.
In commemorating the 50th anniversary of the formation of the International Committee of the Fourth International we are not simply marking a 'chronological' event.
The former provides a fairly precise 'chronological' and geographical framework in which we can define the broad shape of the conquest of Britain in the first century.
We need to bring an antiquated world into real time. We need to bury much of the 'chronological' past that really is no more than a celebration of mayhem.
It was one of those 'chronological' lists of events in a chart, now known as timelines for some reason to do with management-speak or computers.
Consequently, readers seeking a more traditional 'chronological' narrative of political events might need to look elsewhere.
The writer's intention is that, filled with 'chronological' accounts of important events, his work should persist till universal dissolution.
The back of the card should contain a 'chronological' listing of the dates the dog came in and the prices charged.
It is very nicely laid out and color coded with little house-like images and labels dated to preserve a sense of 'chronological' continuity.
A 'chronological' synopsis of essential clinical events should be extracted from the medical record before the autopsy is begun and helps to guide the process.
I have a 'chronological' date, dating back 40 years ago, from the 1960s and 1970s, to when that party, in 1991 went through this thing and did nothing.
In much recent literature the term ‘Caledonian’ has also been applied to igneous and metamorphic events in a 'chronological' sense.
In 'chronological' terms, Paviland is early in the European series of burials and is actually the earliest with a firm radiocarbon date measured directly on human bone.
And third, the nature of the 'chronological' and psychological passage from youth to adulthood has changed in extraordinary ways.
How they felt, and coped, and suffered and celebrated is what I always want to know, not just a 'chronological' outline of events.
She says that rather than view events in a 'chronological' , linear, and hierarchical way, Native Americans view events in relation to other events.
Your biological age can be different from your 'chronological' age.
By adopting relatively broad geographical and 'chronological' frameworks, Dyer's book raises a number of issues that beg for further study.
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