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cinematic output
of or relating to motion pictures.
In the history of 'cinematic' sex scenes, this must be the most embarrassing.
Amateur film gives us access to people and places absent from other 'cinematic' representations.
It might be worth a second viewing just to catch all of the 'cinematic' trickery employed.
It is, perhaps, an appropriate time to release a 'cinematic' biopic on the life of Alfred Kinsey at the moment.
For in this French film Jaoui gives us not a stylised 'cinematic' vision of life but a sketch of it in all its banality.
Her films could be the films that influence their audience to seek out smaller, more challenging 'cinematic' treats.
If Caravaggio were alive today, he would have loved the cinema; his paintings have a 'cinematic' quality.
The music has a 'cinematic' quality which conjures up images of film noir classics.
The film was unexpectedly 'cinematic' , lending a savage beauty to the east Midlands suburbs where it was set.
The story unfolded with a certain 'cinematic' quality.
The theme of fluidity here becomes inscribed into the 'cinematic' space.
There are scenes of 'cinematic' perfection that steal your heart away.
This film was a lot more fun, I think, and a lot more 'cinematic' .
It was Surrealist Luis Buñuel who first introduced Sade into the 'cinematic' realm.
The toughest part was taking a very talky play and making it 'cinematic' .
There's nothing 'cinematic' about nerdy guys doing things you don't understand on computer screens.
Roman Polanski is a director who has almost made 'cinematic' experimentation a trademark.
Despite or because of this, the film succeeds as an attempt at a purely 'cinematic' art.
The year's 'cinematic' output had everything to do with the complex cultural climate.
The 'cinematic' look of the film deserves commendation alone and the director is a talent to look out for.
One needn't actually play the games to appreciate their 'cinematic' qualities.
His sporadic 'cinematic' output has been combined with fierce public attacks on the general media situation.
If anything I think that speaks as a testament to the power of the 'cinematic' medium.
Why is it that every new 'cinematic' vision of the future is bathed in pessimism and bleakness?
Godard's 'cinematic' practice emerged from his years of watching film and from his film criticism.
The film has a romance that makes it a 'cinematic' experience amid some tough subject matter.
His videos are not really 'cinematic' ; they are a series of contact sheets come to life.
Taghmaoui began his 'cinematic' career at the top, starring in La Haine.
Her music already has a 'cinematic' quality about it, and it is a facet of her sound she'd love to explore further.
Don't take someone to this film if you're trying to impress them with your 'cinematic' taste.
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