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This is a rare motion picture that would be worth seeing for the cinematography alone.
the art of making motion pictures.
translation of 'cinematography'
I loved the acting, the writing, the 'cinematography' , the humor, and even the theme song.
I believe the 'cinematography' in the film is some of the finest I've seen in years.
I was involved with some of the 'cinematography' , but our task was to direct.
home movie footage with superb 'cinematography'
The screen music, too, has dreamy and hypnotic qualities to mirror the 'cinematography' .
The excellent DVD transfer brings out the richness of the 'cinematography' in all its black and white glory.
The soundtrack by Michael Storey is as lush as the 'cinematography' and as nuanced as the performances.
It's no wonder that the movie won a 'cinematography' prize at the Sundance Film Festival.
I thought the 'cinematography' was breathtaking; it enhanced the film so much.
The 'cinematography' in the film just made you feel like you were a part of the action.
But the performers are expressive, and the 'cinematography' is absolutely gorgeous.
Neither the 'cinematography' nor costume designs will make any impression on you.
It's well filmed, too, the 'cinematography' never getting in the way of the performances.
The film is shot in an authentic manner, with the 'cinematography' bleak and dark, much like its setting.
I have been contacted by several foreign directors asking me if I want to do the 'cinematography' for their films.
As a debut effort, the film is worthy of note and the 'cinematography' is, at times, beautiful.
I have to admit the 'cinematography' is stunning, and it's the film's only asset.
Not only was he the film's director and producer, but he was also responsible for the 'cinematography' .
You are not only involved in the 'cinematography' but also in the re-writing of the story as you shoot.
The 'cinematography' in Rivette's films is driven by his fascination with visual texture.
This is a rare motion picture that would be worth seeing for the 'cinematography' alone.
This was the point when Melville was making films that were very beautiful 'cinematographically' .
Every second Tuesday night we will be offering something 'cinematographically' fresh and different.
He is currently researching the contributions of Robert Bresson's 'cinematographers' to the director's visual style.
The documentary took four years to produce using more than a dozen 'cinematographers' filming on every continent of the planet.
The scene on the chairlift is notable because it exemplifies Dumont's 'cinematographic' style.
It could have been a moral tale, or an artistic exploration of new 'cinematographic' territory.
Jean Cocteau once said of Bresson, ‘He expresses himself 'cinematographically' as a poet would with his pen.’
She owes a debt to 'cinematographer' Ellen Kuras, whose digital camerawork captures just the right emotion in every scene.
Conrad Hall has been considered one of the elite Hollywood 'cinematographers' since the 1960s.
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