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आस-पास तैरना
In 1519 Magellan set sail from here to circumnavigate the globe.
sail all the way around (something, especially the world).
translation of 'circumnavigate'
जहाज़ द्वारा परिभ्रमण करना
आस-पास तैरना
To reach the other door, leading to the library, he would have to 'circumnavigate' the desk.
In 1519 Magellan set sail from here to 'circumnavigate' the globe.
The Pharaoh sent his ships out to try and 'circumnavigate' the world.
Ellen MacArthur's bid to 'circumnavigate' the globe in record time received a cruel setback when her mast was damaged.
Twelve teams will fight for this most prized of races as they 'circumnavigate' the world - a feat which it is estimated will take until late June 2001.
From hesitantly crawling 3 weeks ago, she can now 'circumnavigate' the house in 2 minutes flat.
he helped her to 'circumnavigate' a frozen puddle
He is setting sail again to 'circumnavigate' the globe, with all the obvious risks and dangers that entails.
The path initially heads south west, but it immediately swings back round to neatly 'circumnavigate' a boggy section.
I want to 'circumnavigate' the world in 15 days and break the earlier record.
he undertook to 'circumnavigate' the globe in 80 days or less
As Twaddell digs into his briefcase to fish out some facts and figures about the business, he has to 'circumnavigate' a couple of cereal boxes that he is about to show to clients.
The remarkable Macarthur describes how she became the fastest yachtswoman to 'circumnavigate' the world.
They were due to board boats made available by the Circle Line, whose vessels normally 'circumnavigate' Manhattan island packed with tourists.
Frostbite and massive weight loss were not enough to dampen the spirits of Tim Sander, who took part in the first English expedition to successfully 'circumnavigate' Norway.
he helped her to 'circumnavigate' a frozen puddle
We don't allow dogs but it is not unusual for customers to think that by carrying the creature, they somehow 'circumnavigate' the rules.
Many pubs think it's clever to hide the bar in the far corner of the establishment, meaning you have to 'circumnavigate' an assault course of tables and chairs before you can get a drink.
Although some bands and artists have managed to 'circumnavigate' the system and become successful, we have never really seen this phenomenon since the mid-Seventies.
To prove his ideas are worthy, Fogg wagers he can 'circumnavigate' the world in 80 days.
I have a cunning plan to 'circumnavigate' this problem.
Darwin lived for five years aboard the Beagle while 'circumnavigating' the world.
In 1895 the American Joshua Slocum pioneered solo 'circumnavigation' in his 37ft sloop Spray.
Through that brief alliance, Dudley became related to the famous 'circumnavigator' Thomas Cavendish.
We've walked about 27,000 miles today, from Gard du Nord to the Latin Quarter, which if you look on the map, 'circumnavigates' anything touristy.
James Cook was a 'circumnavigator' and is credited with discovering many faraway places.
On 27 May 1905, after half 'circumnavigating' the world, the Russian fleet was surprised by the Japanese in the Straits of Tsushima between Korea and Japan.
She will be joining 15 other amateur crew members who will set sail for a non-stop two-week 'circumnavigation' of the British and Irish coastline.
She somehow 'circumnavigates' any sense of contrivance.
From 1577 to 1580, Drake 'circumnavigated' the world.
Navy's all-women crew set to circumnavigate globe
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