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please advise us if you require further clarification
the action of making a statement or situation less confused and more comprehensible.
translation of 'clarification'
The legal 'clarification' of this question is an " entirely open process ", he stated.
I am of the view that Alberta's addition of the word "are" was to provide grammatical 'clarification' .
Either way, we look forward to its anticipated 'clarification' later today.
On your June 27 issue, I would like to make a 'clarification' .
please advise us if you require further 'clarification'
And, of course, a mention of the 'clarification' in his regular column wouldn't hurt, either.
Here is 'clarification' about the Smithsonian Institute Summer Internships for 2007.
Some NGOs are preparing a legal intervention to seek such a 'clarification' .
The interpretation of the Declaration and the Chairperson's 'clarification' can be expected to generate intense discussion in the months ahead.
please advise us if you require further 'clarification'
There are issues on which I would like 'clarification' from the Russian ambassador.
Let me, in fairness to Tom Ridge, read the 'clarification' he later released.
Still, there are a variety of ways in which we might seek some 'clarification' .
I'd just like to add some things, you know, for 'clarification' .
Sinn Féin hit back, with Martin McGuinness stating there was no need for 'clarification' of the IRA statement.
Further 'clarification' is provided by other sources ignored by Sweeney.
I would like to add some 'clarification' of my own.
Counsel took him through selected passages in the notebooks, asking for further 'clarification' .
I seek a point of 'clarification' on that ruling, Mr Assistant Speaker.
The New York Times Magazine has printed no 'clarification' or retraction of any kind.
A few days later, Anne wrote to Eircom looking for 'clarification' .
The text in italics indicates 'clarifications' to the record already announced through supplements.
2 Leave application samples
COAI seeks clarification from TRAI on discriminatory tariffs
Only sought clarification from ICC, BCCI chief tells SC
Telecom panel seeks clarifications on telcos' penalty
EC seeks clarification from AIADMK on Sasikala
Priyanka's clarification raises more questions: Minister
IndiGo awaits GST clarification to import engines, denies flight cancellations
RS disrupted over Hegde's remarks, normalcy returns after government clarification (Roundup)
Congress demands PM's clarification on Naga pact
Minister orders clarification on 'recorded music ban' in Delhi restobars
Clarification issued on 'recorded music ban' in Delhi restobars
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