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his collaborator on the book
a person who works jointly on an activity or project; an associate.
he was a collaborator during the occupation
a person who cooperates traitorously with an enemy; a defector.
translation of 'collaborator'
his 'collaborator' on the book
The French state was ordered to reimburse the Nazi 'collaborator' with court costs amounting to 30,000 euros.
he was a 'collaborator' during the occupation
Loach's social-realist drama, written by his longtime 'collaborator' Paul Laverty, is a distinctive, piercingly serious vision.
he was a 'collaborator' during the occupation
It hardly seems credible that he is a secret 'collaborator' of Al Qaeda.
The fascists had threatened to "try" him for being a 'collaborator' with left-wing guerrillas.
Earlier this year, Palestinians elsewhere in the occupied territories meted out justice to a convicted Arab 'collaborator' .
His 'collaborator' , the Rev. John Sanders, was an Indian clergyman in Bishop Horden's diocese.
his 'collaborator' on the book
Schleiermacher was Humboldt's chief 'collaborator' in making the university a reality.
The sanctity of our 'collaborators' rubs off on us.
Instead many were executed by a select group of seven to ten workshop 'collaborators' .
Moreover, such training can provide a solid base that scientists can use to understand their 'collaborators' ' points.
Regardless, I look foward to more from these 'collaborators' .
He knows what happens to 'collaborators' caught in the act.
Along with the Soviet units bearing down on Warsaw were Polish 'collaborators' eager to set up a leftist government.
Yet he prefers the company of women, many of whom have become his long-term 'collaborators' .
The collaborators can be as treacherous and deceitful as any of the 'collaborators' in Europe under the Nazi jackboot.
It also called for strong punishment of secret 'collaborators' with the communist regime.
That said, I agree with Tom, who wishes Stan would be more aggressive in acknowledging his 'collaborators' .
Every day, the enemy takes more hostages, assassinates developing Iraqi leaders and savagely beats suspected 'collaborators' .
Up to this point in his career, the only heavy games Kramer had designed had been with 'collaborators' .
Roh has said those whose ancestors were 'collaborators' wouldn't face punishment or have any rights restricted.
Stone, close collaborator of President Trump, arrested in Russia probe
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