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This period has been characterised by a resurgence of imperialist wars and outright colonialism .
the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.
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This is the clearest manifestation of resurgent imperialism and 'colonialism' on a world scale.
Another way to come at the statement is through the politics of race and 'colonialism' .
The Cold War was over, 'colonialism' was history, an era of global peace and prosperity seemed imminent.
Many in the global south regard tourism as a new form of 'colonialism' and cultural imperialism.
He said the Falklands issue was not one of 'colonialism' or imperialism.
Such academic dominance begs questions of intellectual 'colonialism' and the politics of representation.
To have the leader of a great economic power admit that he has a debt and a duty to the losers of globalisation and 'colonialism' is a massive step forward.
Since the end of 'colonialism' , we have acquired decades of evidence of what works and what fails in the third world.
In any case, both groups were against Japanese 'colonialism' and embraced Chinese nationalism.
The war to secure the control of oil and gas resources in Central Asia ushered in a new era of 'colonialism' .
the state apparatus that was dominant under 'colonialism'
This period has been characterised by a resurgence of imperialist wars and outright 'colonialism' .
Sugar is as much bound up with the history of slavery and 'colonialism' as cotton, which this column looked at last week.
The positive case argues that, on the contrary, 'colonialism' played an economically progressive role.
That doesn't mean, however, that anyone opposing 'colonialism' is on the side of human rights, does it?
He left the Communist Party at a later period when its Stalinist policies meant that he was told not to criticise 'colonialism' .
What, for instance, is the difference, if any, between imperialism and 'colonialism' ?
Their fight against and defeat of 'colonialism' brought us political independence.
Cecil Rhodes once said that those who oppose civil war must support 'colonialism' .
The most important factor that constrained the development of vast tracts of the planet was 'colonialism' .
In Africa the wars in Angola and Mozambique began as struggles against 'colonialism' .
Many of the borders you see now in the Middle East were laid out by these two European 'colonialists' nearly a century ago.
Instead of the promised prosperity and freedom, the region is at the mercy of the banks and financial institutions of the major imperialist powers and is run in an essentially 'colonialist' manner.
This was also the start of the period of 'colonialist' expansion by Spain's Catholic monarchy.
They're 'colonialists' , operating in the wake of war and imperialist expansions.
After the war, he participated in a paramilitary resistance organization against the Dutch 'colonialists' , who imprisoned him from 1947 to 1949.
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