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the combustion of fossil fuels
the process of burning something.
translation of 'combustion'
During the 'combustion' of coal, minor constituents are also oxidized.
Nitroglycerin is an explosive because no outside source of oxygen is needed for its complete 'combustion' .
The purpose for this requirement is to prevent noxious 'combustion' gases from venting into the living area.
The 'combustion' pollutants discussed in this booklet come from burning fuels in appliances.
Enols are less stable than carbonyls, and standard 'combustion' mechanisms assume that they do not play a role.
The health effects of 'combustion' pollutants range from headaches and breathing difficulties to death.
Charcoal is the product of incomplete 'combustion' of wood and is a seriously brilliant substance.
The widespread 'combustion' of leaded gasoline is dangerous to society.
Fly ash is a byproduct of coal 'combustion' .
When the flame is in complete 'combustion' , you don't smell the oil.
However, such a detector will not detect other 'combustion' by-products that can still make you ill.
Although greenhouse gases come from many sources, fossil fuel 'combustion' is the prime human-induced source.
One of the products of 'combustion' of any system is heat - quite a bit of it.
Chlorine does not undergo combustion, although it does support 'combustion' in much the same way as does oxygen.
Heat causes 'combustion' by increasing the oxidation rate of the fuel/oxygen mix.
a large 'combustion' plant
Onboard sensors confirmed that 'combustion' occurred in one of two parallel chambers.
The production of potash from broad-leaved trees also utilized wood in 'combustion' processes.
the 'combustion' of fossil fuels
More traditionally, wood gas has been used to drive internal 'combustion' piston engines.
In addition, gasoline 'combustion' products filled the tunnel with smoke.
The complete 'combustion' of carbon and hydrocarbons described above rarely occurs in nature.
Twenty-five percent of total worldwide emissions come from fossil fuel 'combustion' .
An exhaust fan may pull the 'combustion' gases back into the living space.
Acid on the foil, they said, can cause 'combustion' .
But gasoline 'combustion' also results in over a pound of water for every pound of fuel burned.
Called the " silent killer " because it is odorless, it is produced when hydrocarbon 'combustion' is incomplete.
the 'combustion' of fossil fuels
The 'combustive' combination produces thousands of pounds of thrust, although the exact amount remains secret.
In the title role, she was pure 'combustive' passion.
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