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वापस लौटें
the heavyweight champion is set to make his comeback
a return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful.
Always first with the one-liners and quickest at comebacks ?
a quick reply to a critical remark.
translation of 'comeback'
With all reports of the 1980's making a fashion 'comeback' , will shoe tops be cut back as well?
I mean, obviously you can just go down to decimal places, but I didn't like there being a 'comeback' that I couldn't immediately respond to.
After a 54-year absence, beauty contests are making a 'comeback' in China now that the government has finally lifted its ban on such pageants.
Capriati is the woman of the moment and one of the best 'comeback' stories in sport.
there's no 'comeback' if he messes up your case
As well, we both know that square toes shoes will make a 'comeback' as soon as fashion marketers have found a way to lace every man in pointy shoes.
Ever had someone toss an insult your way and found yourself wanting a snappy 'comeback' but unable to think one up quick enough?
You need this, not just because the skirt suit has staged a 'comeback' to the fashion arena but because it is possible to look professional, put-together and sexy at the same time.
A brief silence followed, in which she tried to retaliate with a clever 'comeback' and he frowned angrily at the ground.
The famed Kashmiri phiran, which is a legacy of the early centuries, has made a fashion 'comeback' with a contemporary idiom.
DuBois instead threw his support behind Roosevelt's attempt at a 'comeback' campaign as a Progressive.
the heavyweight champion is set to make his 'comeback' in England
The player also expressed confidence that he would soon make his 'comeback' to the Indian team ahead of the Athens Olympics in August.
Finding herself without a quick 'comeback' , Angel resorted to juvenile tactics.
There will, of course, be the tearful interviews, but it is also believed the star will attempt a 'comeback' CD.
Odds are if you feel a style isn't apropos for you on its fashion 'comeback' , you are probably being honest with yourself.
Only recently have the shoes started making a 'comeback' in the trendy cultures as a way of reversing the ‘cool’ effect of the corporate titles.
The team's strong work ethic was evident in the inspired 'comeback' attempt against heavily-favored Cornell.
We have no 'comeback' now but to take the matter to court which is a very expensive option but one that we're going to talk about.
The old idea of the feast is having a 'comeback' as more people recognize the value of such events for family and social cohesion, and as under-standing develops of the dangers of incomplete mourning.
Every additional document that surfaces seems more like a 'comeback' attempt from the depths of the archives than a work of literature.
I debated whether to retort with a witty 'comeback' or to not pay attention to him.
Who would have thought that cargos would make such a quick 'comeback' ?
But, just like flares and fancy shoes, it is making a fashion 'comeback' .
But she has lacked the motivation to make her 'comeback' .
Perhaps if Fonda decides to make her 'comeback' more permanent, she could change all that.
I thought about responding with a biting 'comeback' , perhaps in Latin.
He says the company has good prospects going forward with carpet reportedly making a 'comeback' as a fashion trend.
After a 2000 'comeback' attempt that was hampered by a leg injury, Miller retired from competition.
The record company, meanwhile, has been wondering out loud whether her suit was a mere publicity stunt ahead of a 'comeback' attempt.
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