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the commander of a paratroop regiment
a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation.
He was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honour by his second country in 1896 and a commander of the order in 1933.
a member of a higher class in some orders of knighthood.
translation of 'commander'
He strode with the swagger of a military 'commander' , surveying his troops, evaluating his options.
Admiral Nelson had several qualities that ensured his success as a naval 'commander' .
He was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honour by his second country in 1896 and a 'commander' of the order in 1933.
Prince Rupert had two military careers, as an army officer until 1646 and as a naval 'commander' thereafter.
The police 'commander' told the students that drug use and criminal activities pose a constant threat to young people today.
This contrasted sharply with the situation of the opposing 'commander' , Admiral Villeneuve.
In attendance from the police were a number of senior officers led by the local area 'commander' .
Britain provided the deputy 'commander' and some naval forces and other countries contributed a few ships.
Admiral William Halsey was a senior American naval 'commander' in the Pacific region during World War Two.
The sergeant has taken over the role of section 'commander' at Tidworth police station.
This was not a ponderous process but the kind of decision making that one might expect of a 'commander' in chief.
His assessment of the violence was backed by the district police 'commander' for North Belfast.
The police 'commander' said the terrorists deliberately set out to kill and to injure as many people as possible.
the 'commander' of a paratroop regiment
CNN reports that it contacted a police 'commander' who had a vague recollection of arresting him.
the 'commander' of a paratroop regiment
On that basis, the police 'commander' decides to storm the house.
We asked the 'commander' of U.S. naval forces in the region about his efforts to keep the peace.
And by giving the impression that naval 'commanders' were dealing with the problem in a professional way he maintained the dynamism that Russians respect in a leader.
Incidentally, this pattern was that worn by captains and 'commanders' from 1832-1939.
Both American and British naval 'commanders' are already familiar with the Gulf.
One of the oldest criticisms of military 'commanders' is they are constantly trying to fight the last war.
Sand can play havoc with machinery, despite technological improvements to parts such as air filters but military 'commanders' insist troops could cope with the heat.
Two days later, he told naval 'commanders' that there was ‘a limit to our patience’.
The council executive believes the tactic would deter petty criminals from bad behaviour, and it wants the decision to be devolved from the Met to borough police 'commanders' .
He is one of 11 former militia 'commanders' from different military units around the country, that have been sent to Japan in two groups so far.
The strategy holds police 'commanders' accountable for crime rates.
No one was jailed and the police 'commanders' involved were promoted to higher posts.
During his 'commandership' the relations between the Albanian Authorities and NATO headquarters have been excellent ones, especially in the military domain.
Mr O'Connor said the association was concerned, but he did not blame the district 'commanders' , whose performance was measured by crime statistics.
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