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a gruff voice commanded us to enter
give an authoritative order.
no party commanded a majority
be in a strong enough position to have or secure (something).
a commanding officer
(in military contexts) having a position of authority.
translation of 'commanding'
This sink location, which offers a 'commanding' view of the family room area, is also a plus when you have small children who still require constant supervision.
Not only a 'commanding' physical presence, the former WWE wrestling champion brings a gratifying level of depth and humanity to the role first seen on the screen in 1973.
Finally, soldiers must also be protected from ‘official tyranny,’ or the will of their 'commanding' officers.
Your 'commanding' officers will not take kindly to your disregard to authority.
At its westernmost tip, the most 'commanding' position of the site offers a fine panoramic view of the harbor and beyond.
With such a 'commanding' presence, it's unfortunate that the script did not accommodate a few more scenes for this great character actor.
The new hide here is far from that - built from Welsh Oak in a distinctive heron shape, it stands on stilts in one of the lakes, providing visitors with a 'commanding' position from which to view the birdlife.
John Edwards says he's undaunted by John Kerry's 'commanding' lead.
These stations were sited on 'commanding' terrain or on platforms built for the purpose.
But this one has a 'commanding' shape and presence.
He had a great personality and a 'commanding' presence.
They were in front from the first end and had a 'commanding' 21-8 lead after 15 ends before their opponents won three ends on the trot.
India also took a 'commanding' 3-lead in the final set, but Japan fought back to make it 5-5.
She stood next to Mother with a 'commanding' presence.
In fact, Mac took a 'commanding' 21-2 lead into the recess.
It also puts the site in a 'commanding' position for future projects.
He was a stately man, and had a 'commanding' presence.
With a 'commanding' view of the surrounding area, the monastery has many treasures.
He did not question their character, as he had on previous occasions, but he could not conceal his dismay at the way they defended after finding themselves in a 'commanding' lead 10 minutes before half time.
Marsh was one of five guests of the Navy invited aboard for tours, observation of flight deck operations, dinner with the 'commanding' officer and an overnight.
The university occupies the highest hill in Bethlehem with a 'commanding' view and also happens to overlook an Israeli fortified position opposite Rachel's Tomb.
One of the guards says in 10 months there, he never saw the 'commanding' officer, that's General Karpinski, who was also in charge of this other prison.
President Bush has a 'commanding' lead in the fund-raising race for 2004.
Spacious up front, if a little crowded in the back, the car has a high seating position which means that you get a very 'commanding' view all around.
He really stepped on the gas racing up the far side where he held a 'commanding' lead.
As on the Westminster stage he has a 'commanding' presence among the assorted collection of European heads of government and their respective finance ministers.
Apartment buildings overlook it, but they are not the luxury units one might expect with such a 'commanding' view of the waterway.
In the earliest cosmologies, man placed himself in a 'commanding' position at the centre of the universe.
Kate, superior to all the other anchors, swells a 'commanding' lead after just one lap, and doubles it with her piston-stroke off the pool wall.
Kent bellowed in his 'commanding' military voice, having followed in his father's footsteps.
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