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There are two types of postage stamps: definitives and commemoratives .
an object such as a stamp or coin made to mark an event or honor a person.
a commemorative plaque
acting as a memorial or mark of an event or person.
translation of 'commemorative'
यादगार का
Sixty years on, the people of Cricklade remembered VE day with a series of 'commemorative' events this weekend.
There, Orkney's Lord Lieutenant unveiled a 'commemorative' plaque in the main terminal building.
He worries whether to keep the Lindbergh 'commemorative' in his beloved stamp collection.
They have been made ever since, although the few that have been made since 1880 have mostly been 'commemorative' .
All the parish's children will be given a 'commemorative' mug that day.
The character of the uncarved standing stone argues against it being ninth century or, indeed, 'commemorative' .
A 'commemorative' plaque will be presented to the school to mark this achievement.
She expects the completed memorial to have a 'commemorative' plaque engraved with the names of the deceased.
In Washington DC, for example, there were hundreds of 'commemorative' events across the city.
The 1500 students were joined by war veterans and special 'commemorative' plaque was unveiled.
The unveiling of a 'commemorative' plaque at the cenotaph by St George's Hall
Personally, I would single out two groups of brave men for 'commemorative' plaques.
All the children will also receive 'commemorative' medals courtesy of the governors, who are also producing keyrings.
The trust gets together every year to organise 'commemorative' ceremonies and to give away an award in the name of the actor.
They include two pieces of 'commemorative' fine china - a beaker and trinket box, both with gold embellishment.
Instead, large 'commemorative' war memorials tried to address the enormity of the loss.
She toured the factory and unveiled a 'commemorative' plaque.
Their respective clubs will each receive 'commemorative' team photographs.
Each attendant will be given a personal certificate and 'commemorative' badge to celebrate the good work of school crossing patrol staff.
A fund-raising appeal has been launched to create 'commemorative' gardens in Moreton, Bourton and Stow.
Four 'commemorative' stamps were issued at the ceremony to raise funds for relief and rehabilitation effort.
The Princess herself praised the facilities on offer at the new hospital in a brief speech before the unveiling of the 'commemorative' plaque.
His idea is that people should stop buying 'commemorative' seats for viewpoints and instead leave a legacy to have trees cut down.
Children attending the game receive 'commemoratives' .
It would seem most folks purchased 'commemoratives' as an investment, and eventually traded them in when their hopes for a great rise in value did not occur.
Also hugely collectable are 'commemoratives' from the Silver Jubilee.
All 'commemoratives' , except Christmas stamps, issued between 1898 and 1998 are included in the study.
While it does not have an official club, its 'commemoratives' are eagerly sought by collectors.
There are two types of postage stamps: definitives and 'commemoratives' .
Smith & Wesson donated four pistols as prizes to the top four winners along with match 'commemoratives' to all the competitors.
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