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his design team commenced work
begin; start.
translation of 'commence'
प्रारंभ करना,
प्रारंभ होना,
आरंभ होना,
आरंभ करना,
शुरू होना
Full planning permission has been granted with construction due to 'commence' this year.
a public inquiry is due to 'commence' on the 16th
The review is due to 'commence' in June with the panel expected to report its findings in October 2005.
Work is due to 'commence' shortly and it is estimated it will take a year to bring this project to fruition.
a public inquiry is due to 'commence' on the 16th
Work is due to 'commence' shortly, so hopefully the problem will finally be resolved.
The following day a section of rail workers was due to 'commence' a two-day strike.
It is hoped to 'commence' construction on the initial phase of the plan this Autumn.
This was still being worked on at the time of my visit but production is due to 'commence' at the beginning of December.
On arrival the group were divided into four teams and then activities 'commenced' .
This will give the children a great preparation before 'commencing' school the following September.
Training has 'commenced' for all teams and new players would be very welcome in any age group.
All customers please note that week 'commencing' June 9 will be recyclables only.
There will be an evening fixture on Monday, with the action 'commencing' at 6pm.
The good news is that the building has 'commenced' and is due to be completed by the end of August.
The Institute offers a wide range of courses to adults 'commencing' every September and January.
The course will take place on two mornings per week for 12 weeks 'commencing' in late September.
The Hebrew day 'commenced' six hours ahead of our day, at sunset the previous day.
It will be held in the meeting room 'commencing' at 9 pm and all committee members are asked to attend.
Next month the guild will hold its Christmas party 'commencing' at 1pm.
There will be a Vintage Parade 'commencing' at 2pm from the local Community Hall.
The tournaments in billiards and snooker will soon be 'commencing' so members should come in and get in some practice.
Bengalis celebrate Durga Puja in all its glory
The auspicious month of Shravan
Air India to commence Delhi-Vienna flights
Air India to commence service on Mumbai-Bhavnagar sector
Low cost carrier Scoot to commence flights to India
Air India commences additional flights on Delhi-Indore sector
Vistara to commence service on New Delhi-Kolkata route
Indian army team commence 900 km cycle expedition across Arunachal
Vietnam commences new parliament
India-US anti-terror exercise commences in Uttarakhand
AirAsia India commences operations from Hyderabad airport
Uber commences motor-bike taxis in Hyderabad
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