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at the commencement of training
a beginning or start.
a commencement address
a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.
translation of 'commencement '
Mr Bradley also refused to be drawn on a deadline for the 'commencement' or a finishing date for the road.
The project is scheduled for completion in five years from the date of 'commencement' of work.
The scene during 'commencement' , however, defied portrayals of a divided campus.
At the 'commencement' of the next song, the girl turns around to face her partner.
That date has two significances, but, critically, it is the date of the 'commencement' of the new preference regime.
The year also saw the 'commencement' of a major property development programme throughout the region.
the date of 'commencement'
In a recent 'commencement' address, she gave graduates a few keys to being a well-rounded person.
I guess the nuns must have asked for a beautiful day for our 'commencement' .
The two would get together at each 'commencement' to compare their graduate tallies.
One of the keys to avoiding construction pitfalls is to obtain all permits before the 'commencement' of work.
Participants signed a research consent form before 'commencement' of the session.
They both urged their members to remain calm as they waited for management to set dates for the 'commencement' of negotiations.
The temple has a record of these jewels, which are taken out of the safe a few days prior to the 'commencement' of the festival.
The date of 'commencement' will be confirmed once people have indicated an interest in taking part.
The friend had been given an honorary degree at her 'commencement' .
Please note that you must have written permission from your parents before 'commencement' of training.
She sat there for a while, in total silence, awaiting the 'commencement' of the boy's game.
Asian University hosted its annual 'commencement' ceremony last week.
Then, in great precession we walked out to the field for 'commencement' accompanied by bagpipes.
After 'commencement' , Nolan sought out her and her family so he could congratulate her.
Slowly but surely, the year wound down to the inevitable graduation and 'commencement' .
a 'commencement' address
The honorary degree will be conferred during 'commencement' weekend this May.
I am honored to be with you today at your 'commencement' from one of the finest universities in the world.
They captured him speaking at the 'commencement' ceremony at Harvard University.
It was lit before the 'commencement' of the meeting and burned throughout.
Sources said money was not a problem for the 'commencement' of the project.
A date in September has yet to be confirmed for the 'commencement' of services for in-patients.
at the 'commencement' of training
Bengalis celebrate Durga Puja in all its glory
The auspicious month of Shravan
PM Modi to inaugurate project commencement of Barmer refinery
Modi to inaugurate project commencement of Barmer refinery
Modi to launch work commencement of Rajasthan refinery
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