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salary will be commensurate with experience
corresponding in size or degree; in proportion.
translation of 'commensurate'
There is an urgent need today for thinking through a new system of national education, 'commensurate' with a globalised world.
What punishment could possibly be 'commensurate' with genocide?
Burt is unfazed by the payment of such sums, pointing to America where rewards are 'commensurate' with profits earned.
The nation is obliged to fulfill its responsibility 'commensurate' with its position in the international community.
Does he think her fame is 'commensurate' with her ability?
But there has not been a 'commensurate' increase in job opportunities.
The challenge of staging the play may be 'commensurate' with the challenge of mounting an independent production.
We needed to consider whether the degree of force used was 'commensurate' with the degree of risk which he believed to be created by the threatened attack.
Many people may not find the rewards 'commensurate' with the time and effort required.
Or you could offer your tenant alternative accommodation 'commensurate' with what they are currently paying.
It is right that that should be so, because status within an organisation carries with it 'commensurate' rewards.
The sample size is 'commensurate' with related studies reported in the literature.
It will be done 'commensurate' with the fact that we're a nation at war.
But he knows he has to keep delivering because the pressures on him are 'commensurate' with the salary he is paid and the teams that he's played for.
Capitalism seeks a value of production 'commensurate' with the repayment of debt.
He said the greatly reduced security operation was 'commensurate' with what police thought the threat of violence was.
If we execute a project overseas, the compensation we pay has to be 'commensurate' with salaries in those countries.
No they will be paid wages 'commensurate' with foreign airline staff based in London.
So I'd like to see a massive investment by governments which would be 'commensurate' with the size of the problem.
But neither justifies the role and 'commensurate' reward that an analyst commands.
I make no apologies whatsoever for paying him 'commensurately' for that performance,’ he said.
As we report elsewhere in Scotland on Sunday, it will show that while life expectancy in Scotland will increase slightly over coming years, the quality of that life will not grow 'commensurately' .
Countries such as the former Soviet Union, which traditionally use less packaging, have a 'commensurately' greater wastage rate in food production.
Yes, it's interesting that increasingly large companies in the public sector are offering people the opportunity to buy extra leave, and they reduce their pay 'commensurately' .
But as these security threats become more numerous, the defenses and solutions that we have to deploy in a bid to keep pace with the dangers increase 'commensurately' in complexity.
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