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A comment by a leading commentator on British industrial performance, David Coates, is suggestive.
a person who comments on events or on a text.
translation of 'commentator'
वृत्त विवरणकार,
He has also made a name for himself as an expert 'commentator' on the latest trends in gifts and gizmos.
His audible and continuous instruction came quicker than a radio 'commentator' on a tennis match.
I'm a fan of her as an author, but as a social 'commentator' she's way off-beam.
John Motson has been a front line 'commentator' with BBC Television for over 25 years.
He is a 'commentator' and writer.
During the same match, BBC 'commentator' John Virgo was able to give the final word on a tricky dispute.
He then spent months as a television 'commentator' criticizing the president's action.
The collection has won plaudits from golfing past master and BBC sports 'commentator' Peter Allis.
A comment by a leading 'commentator' on British industrial performance, David Coates, is suggestive.
The former Open champion originally planned to play in the event after working as a television 'commentator' at the Ryder Cup.
Keighley coach Gary Moorby has swapped seats with Roe, who regularly works as a match 'commentator' on Radio Leeds.
Another 'commentator' wrote recently about a growing tidal wave fast engulfing Labour.
So if my ideas about baseball make me a good 'commentator' on the sport, that's fine.
Cronje said he had dreams of becoming a sports 'commentator' or columnist after retiring as a national player.
Sports 'commentator' John Helm said Bradford City's extinction would be a tragedy for sport in Yorkshire.
He still kicks it today, when he's not working as a 'commentator' for CBC television.
The City and economics 'commentators' have broadly endorsed this approach.
Although the President denied bowing to industry pressure, few analysts or 'commentators' were convinced.
The danger lies in the possibility of hype from investors, pundits and poorly informed 'commentators' .
But the British 'commentators' and pundits appear only to see them through English eyes.
This is a widely held view among analysts and 'commentators' , a number of whom are quoted in the memo.
The 'commentators' include former players John Virgo, Dennis Taylor and Willie Thorne.
People can be very critical of 'commentators' but we are sometimes up against some stiff obstacles.
Indeed, 'commentators' often observe that it is almost impossible to know where the Prime Minister ends and his adviser begins.
Then came the announcement and the 'commentators' , spectators and officials could not believe it.
We all like to hear the gaffs that are made on television and radio by our esteemed sports 'commentators' .
For years now pundits and 'commentators' have gone on about England's left side being the problem position.
The BBC has announced its team of presenters, 'commentators' and analysts for the World Cup.
There are as many interpretations as there are 'commentators' , so I may as well offer my own.
All the critics and 'commentators' had to do was sit back and wait for the new golden age of cinema.
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Commentator Bhogle all but confirmed to return for IPL 10
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