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He deplored the rise of communalism and ethnic-based politics.
a principle of political organization based on federated communes.
He appealed to the people to frustrate the evil designs of those people who wanted to undermine national unity and integrity by spreading communalism in the society.
allegiance to one's own ethnic group rather than to the wider society.
translation of 'communalism'
In Sri Lanka, where the ruling class has resorted to 'communalism' to buttress its rule for decades, nationalism takes particularly reactionary forms.
The truth is both the Indian and Pakistani elites have tried to defect social discontent by fanning 'communalism' and religious fundamentalism.
Based in part on fear and ignorance of the other, 'communalism' often gives rise to conflict and violence between communities.
The women stood on the traffic island holding banners and posters against 'communalism' and violence while the children recited poems highlighting the need for love and humaneness.
Even though 'communalism' is the chief source of recent violence in the district, the State by its inability to restrain it bears equal responsibility for the violence.
Those fighting dams or development projects cannot elude issues of 'communalism' or caste politics in their spheres of influence - even at the cost of short-term success in their immediate campaign.
All of them bear responsibility for the social disaster created by the protracted war, the destruction of basic democratic rights and the growth of ethnic hatred and 'communalism' .
The rise of 'communalism' and role of hate propaganda could have been highlighted better.
Perhaps, given dozens, even hundreds of attempts, it could begin to shift all of humanity towards peaceful, carefully administrated 'communalism' , but by then how far would Its mind be gone?
She was attracted to 'communalism' , practiced homeopathy and diet reform, critiqued unfair labor practices, and excoriated men for their treatment of women.
It is a great pity that 'communalism' has gripped the minds of those great leaders who were called the pillars of Congress’.
Israel is a socialist state founded on 'communalism' (kibbutzes for example).
He identified 'communalism' as the biggest curse of the society.
Moreover the relationship in itself and social goodwill and the economic uplift connected to it would also help in solving the internal problems of ethnicity and 'communalism' that have gripped these societies.
It can be read as a long-running dialectic between individualism and 'communalism' .
suburban individualism and inner-city 'communalism'
Today more than ever, their struggles against patriarchy involve confronting 'communalism' within their own communities.
He appealed to the people to frustrate the evil designs of those people who wanted to undermine national unity and integrity by spreading 'communalism' in the society.
In 1972, 'communalism' was entrenched in the constitution, which makes Buddhism the state religion.
We have to fight this menace of 'communalism' and terrorism together.
His school practised secrecy and 'communalism' making it hard to distinguish between the work of Pythagoras and that of his followers.
At a certain point in the nineties, the NBA sought to move in the direction of developing such a holistic agenda, connecting issues of 'communalism' , militarization, neoliberal globalization.
From poetry-reading to kite-flying it is a day to retie the threads of a composite culture threatened by 'communalism' .
When Urdu was the dominant language there was no feeling of 'communalism' .
He deplored the rise of 'communalism' and ethnic-based politics.
issues such as Punjab violence and 'communalism'
An effort to prove that there exists a democratic alternative to globalisation and 'communalism' .
It may sound old-fashioned but the best way to tackle 'communalism' is surely bringing people together to stand up for their common interests.
The inability of any section of the ruling class to end this disastrous conflict stems from the fact that it can no more relinquish 'communalism' than it can give up its wealth and social privileges.
To carry this through, workers must decisively reject all forms of 'communalism' and racism.
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