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three guitarists playing interlocking, complementary parts
combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another.
complementary therapies such as aromatherapy
of or relating to complementary medicine.
translation of 'complementary'
कमी पूर्ण करनेवाला
In so doing, general practitioners have shown that the intellectual framework within which they operate is different from, 'complementary' to, but no less demanding than that of specialists.
The most popular 'complementary' therapies among participants were Diet, Herbalism, Homeopathy and Aromatherapy.
The top exponents of this system are experts in grappling and knowledge of this skill would be very 'complementary' to any martial art.
Most of the 'complementary' therapies at our disposal have been around for millennia.
Reasoning is not the only area in which many commentators on 'complementary' and alternative medicine discard their usual rigour: this is also evident, less excusably, over basic facts.
What else can we say about modern medicine and 'complementary' therapies?
Its economies are 'complementary' to each other, leaving ample room for exchanges and representing common interests either bilaterally or on an international level to further a free system of trade.
While discovery and choice compete as the basis of identity, knowledge and choice are essentially 'complementary' to each other.
The bottom strand of the substrate is the 'complementary' sequence of the top strand.
More recently, however, the two programmes are adopting approaches that are becoming more 'complementary' to each other with enormous scope for learning from each other's experience.
The technologies are 'complementary' to each other, so there is no automatic choice.
We focus on the mainstream retail clients, so the two businesses are 'complementary' to each other.
It offers a range of 'complementary' therapies such as aromatherapy massage, acupuncture, arts and crafts, drama and music.
These two approaches are likely to be 'complementary' to each other.
Section five deals with various points of view of the religions and how they are supplementary and 'complementary' to each other.
All three modalities are 'complementary' to each other and can be used alone or in combination.
As this passage suggests, the argument he is about to undertake is different from, and 'complementary' to, the previous argument concerning the non-contractual aspects of contract.
However, they work by mechanisms that are completely different and yet 'complementary' to the use of salvia.
As 'complementary' medicine grows the public may become more careful of its claims.
The DNA samples were denatured after irradiation, a primer was annealed to one of the strands, and a 'complementary' strand was constructed using a polymerase enzyme.
Specific genes are then identified and quantified by hybridization to a labelled DNA probe of a 'complementary' sequence.
There is no clear correlation between transitions in consecutive positions or on 'complementary' strands of the DNA at the same positions, and both cases have been observed.
Experts in three 'complementary' and alternative medicine disciplines, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic, will also speak.
The arm sequences flanking either side of the probe are 'complementary' to each other but are unrelated to the target sequence.
We are hoping that whoever comes forward will provide the town with a building which is 'complementary' to the style of the remainder of the Pier Hill redevelopment.
By using 'complementary' sequences of DNA molecules that were attached to different nanocrystals, small groupings of gold nanocrystals could be formed.
The aim was to assess the effectiveness of any type of 'complementary' therapy for peripheral arterial disease.
Its champions, however, see it, not just as 'complementary' to the earlier emphasis on whole organisms but as a new gospel which ought to replace it.
He has been interested in self-development and 'complementary' therapies since 1995.
The proposal that 'complementary' health practitioners be certified has been referred to state governments.
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