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there is a complication concerning ownership of the site
a circumstance that complicates something; a difficulty.
she developed complications after the surgery
a secondary disease or condition aggravating an already existing one.
translation of 'complication'
जटिल स्थिति,
If you want to take things further you can, but it adds a little extra 'complication' to the proceedings.
It was a happy complication but a 'complication' nonetheless.
Adjustable steering columns add weight and 'complication' , so Brooke use a fixed column set to suit Mr Average, though non average customers can have it tailored to suit them during build.
The fact that we had to walk half a mile through a near frozen pasture to reach the shed where Peanuts had been ensconced with mountains of hay and a trough of fresh water added another layer of 'complication' .
to add further 'complication', English-speakers use a different name
Simplicity means freedom from 'complication' , from guile - but this freedom is possible only through reduction, submission, exclusion and control.
The standard setting seemed fine on all occasions, so the end result is 'complication' and rather inconsistent responses.
I don't think there wasn't much 'complication' in this case.
This process adds algebraic 'complication' , and it is full of opportunities for errors in principle and in calculation.
There are people who never have any hardships in life, no 'complication' , no confusion.
He is 26, in his playing prime and past those kid years that can bring on-ice inconsistency and off-ice 'complication' .
The rising full moon and twilight atmosphere speak of the tranquility of a natural world far away from the machinery and 'complication' of modern life.
An incorrect touchdown speed leads to a bounced landing that adds 'complication' .
But interoperability adds a layer of 'complication' to the job of getting a good specification.
Keeping him fed, his clothes clean, and his medications filled added 'complication' , as did driving him to doctors and therapists.
Myocarditis may develop as a 'complication' of an infectious disease, usually caused by a virus.
Pneumothorax is a common 'complication' of pulmonary disease or injury.
Spatially variable selection adds substantial 'complication' to the calculation of the probability of fixation of a new mutation in a structured population.
I know of nowhere else where love of country comes so easily and devoid of 'complication' .
there is a 'complication' concerning ownership of the site
He says, however, that the questions about whether the supreme court is going to be a 'complication' are difficult to answer because it's too soon.
to add further 'complication', English speakers use a different name
This 'complication' is circumvented by using the matrix approach described earlier to obtain a first crude estimate of the price of the equivalent nonconvertible bond.
Head width, written track signal consistency, and other factors are variables, each of which adds 'complication' .
Another 'complication' is that current computer capabilities present a difficulty between users and the music software developers.
Of course, the immediate step is to embrace the sport of 'complication' with academic fervour.
Hypertension is a common 'complication' of pregnancy that may have serious consequences to the mother and fetus.
Of those, 818 have had diabetes at least 10 years and have developed kidney disease, a common 'complication' of diabetes.
there is a 'complication' concerning ownership of the site
How is it different from the AI in a typical shooter, and how much 'complication' did these differences add?
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