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he complimented Erica on her appearance
politely congratulate or praise (someone) for something.
she paid me an enormous compliment
a polite expression of praise or admiration.
translation of 'compliment '
आदर करना,
प्रशंसा करना,
अभिनंदन करना,
समादर करना
It's not only good karma and a nice thing to do - it's a 'compliment' to the manager that you respect and appreciate his staff.
I was pleasantly surprised at the generally well kept and clean appearance of the town, a 'compliment' to all residents and your public facilities.
it's a 'compliment' to the bride to dress up on her special day
I was paid a very sincere 'compliment' this weekend.
the manager was heard to 'compliment' the other team's good play
Overall, the tone and use of language alone are reason enough to pick it up but it is also a 'compliment' to the original story.
‘I always thought it was a 'compliment' to your host that you had made an effort and dressed up,’ said Joyce.
Are you a shameless attention-seeker who can only get ego-gratification by having many people 'compliment' you?
it's a 'compliment' to the bride to dress up on her special day
she paid me an enormous 'compliment'
They all would make comments to 'compliment' my outfit of the day.
I have heard tourists 'compliment' it and couldn't help but feel proud.
I take it as a 'compliment' to be doing what I'm doing at my age.
Now that's actually a 'compliment' to Gehry, but it still implies that the bridge was on obstacle, rather than being something interesting to work with.
Chambers likely is to receive the ultimate 'compliment' this postseason - double coverage.
And he will regard both appellations as a 'compliment' to his deed and a testimony to his power.
Ask yourself what people tend to 'compliment' you on the most.
she paid me an enormous 'compliment'
On the one hand, I got a nice 'compliment' from a reader.
Something about Gran's tone suggested that this was only a backhanded 'compliment' .
A mere two saves for the game shows the already awesome defence that the team has to 'compliment' the established offence.
It seriously means a lot to me to hear you 'compliment' my writing so much.
The exhibition is a 'compliment' to Leo and all involved and it is worthy to reflect on the fact that it's just a little slice of history.
I for one do not consider a continually deteriorating site as a 'compliment' to the village and it is hardly a suitable entrance to an otherwise charming community.
This is a 'compliment' to Westpoint Homes, which built the terrace in 2002 to reflect the style of the buildings that would originally have stood here.
But it was a 'compliment' to them to be asked to show their finance techniques to senior staff from nine countries.
So I think it's a 'compliment' to NASCAR and what they're doing with the sport.
This was meant to be a 'compliment' to him, and to wish him well in his retirement.
So please take this note as a 'compliment' to the hundreds of excellent editions I have read, not as a stab at the one that was not.
She's made great progress - I don't know if that's more of a 'compliment' to her or self-congratulation on my part!
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