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मानसिक संतुलन
she was struggling to regain her composure
the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself.
translation of 'composure'
मानसिक संतुलन
The control and 'composure' he showed for the first goal was world class.
She looked as if she might start sobbing again, but blew her nose and regained her 'composure' .
Williams was stunned but managed to regain his 'composure' to take the next frame.
He paid tribute to the staff at the airport for their 'composure' in trying circumstances.
It was cool enough to take my breath away for a second and it took a few moments to regain my 'composure' and concentrate.
she was struggling to regain her 'composure'
That all came down to us when we lost 'composure' and control for a few minutes of the game.
Donny tried to regain 'composure' as tears of hysteria rolled down his cheeks.
It took me about a few seconds to regain 'composure' and get up from whatever I had fallen on.
Before I could regain my 'composure' , I felt a tug from behind, as if someone was grabbing me by my collar.
As the stadium took a collective deep breath, the home side regained their 'composure' .
The calm sea presented a facade of 'composure' which was soon to be broken by the French.
The question is whether they will have enough 'composure' to outfox the defending champions
She has a startling assurance and 'composure' and the performance is most notable.
The other side is trying to make you lose your 'composure' and you will play right into their hands if you do.
In those early days, 'composure' was something he threatened to lose as he ruminated on the challenges to be faced.
I sent a message to Allison, hoping for a voice of reason to help regain my 'composure' .
Regaining his 'composure' , he said his farewell and walked out of the door.
His performance thereafter, though, suggested that his 'composure' had been affected.
We let the ball bounce from kick off and we didn't regain our 'composure' until after the game was lost.
After regaining some of his 'composure' , the artist went to the local pub to meet his wife as arranged.
she was struggling to regain her 'composure'
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