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clear and comprehensible English
able to be understood; intelligible.
translation of 'comprehensible'
समझने के योग्य,
His journalistic skill is evident through his clear prose and 'comprehensible' style.
The epistemological project feels like the pursuit of a perfectly 'comprehensible' intellectual goal.
He makes the force of the scientific evidence transparently clear and 'comprehensible' to all readers.
The dialogue is crisp and clear, easily 'comprehensible' and audible at all times.
The writing must be 'comprehensible' by a moderately intelligent human being.
Whatever might be said against the classic interpretation, it was at least coherent and 'comprehensible' .
So they rush off in search of more 'comprehensible' things to hate.
You still won't be interesting, but you may be 'comprehensible' .
The subtitles are clear, 'comprehensible' and easy to follow.
Do you see a way of keeping it technical but less obtuse and more transparent, more 'comprehensible' ?
It is all designed to be 'comprehensible' , even if you do not understand IT jargon or technology.
The explanation of the science at work was clear, concise and 'comprehensible' .
This is partly because unit trusts are seen as more accessible and more 'comprehensible' by lay investors.
These kids just can't express themselves in anything like a 'comprehensible' way.
Unfortunately, I think this is used as an excuse to reject the need for a 'comprehensible' plot or characterisation.
One knows that a science is mature when it is no longer 'comprehensible' to the general, intelligent public.
This forced the judge to intervene and rephrase the question in plain 'comprehensible' English.
Even topics of a serious nature are covered in a simple, lucid manner so as to make them 'comprehensible' to the common man.
Sihad had to calm down before he was able to say anything 'comprehensible' .
Most of it should be pretty 'comprehensible' to non-specialist readers.
The whole thing about this song is how much mystery there is to it, how they're singing loudly and joyfully about something so personal they can't even explain it 'comprehensibly' .
It's like living in a country whose language you only half understand, when you know that what is being thought does not ever quite translate 'comprehensibly' into what is being said.
He had no patience for detail, or any illusions about his ability to explain details 'comprehensibly' .
If that doesn't work for you that's fine, I just want to know if I'm expressing myself at all 'comprehensibly' .
Its students are both native and non-native speakers of English, and its concerns are intelligibility, 'comprehensibility' , and interpretability.
But the 'comprehensibility' , and even the internal consistency, of this moral position shouldn't affect the actions of those of us who do not share the moral premises on which these people act.
And they have the responsibility of translating an arcane vocabulary into a 'comprehensibility' that reaches us.
But the arguments which these two men have put together have the power of simplicity, 'comprehensibility' , and the weight of reasonableness.
There's no reason you should be able to understand what these academics are saying because, for several generations, 'comprehensibility' to outsiders has not been one of the selective criteria to which they've been subjected.
But they also tend to be the places where we most 'comprehensibly' meet ourselves, where we become aware of our hang-ups, our fears, our desires, our pain.
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