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compulsory military service
required by law or a rule; obligatory.
translation of 'compulsory'
They are making teachers attend a 'compulsory' course to enhance their computer skills.
Many parents believed that to give girls education beyond the 'compulsory' age was a waste of money.
The ID card should be 'compulsory' from the age of ten.
There must be 'compulsory' billeting powers, and they would have to be quite ruthless with those powers.
The group were worried about what their children were going to do once they had finished 'compulsory' education.
Now belief was essential and attendance was 'compulsory' , at least in theory.
Education is free and 'compulsory' between the ages of seven and thirteen.
Learning it should be 'compulsory' for a driver's licence.
Any child subjected to 'compulsory' schooling of any kind gets left behind intellectually.
The documents also make it clear that BA cannot guarantee that 'compulsory' redundancies will not be imposed.
'compulsory' subject
All he had to look forward to in this country was death, a prison camp or 'compulsory' military service.
If voting were not 'compulsory' , masses of people would abstain.
The judge said she was arguing against 'compulsory' wayleave powers which had been used for 200 years.
Defra does not have 'compulsory' powers to sample deer and needs permission from the landowner or deer owner.
What he can't do is to make attendance 'compulsory' , or threaten that non-attendance will delay other qualifications.
According to the RIAA, Rosen clearly stated that 'compulsory' licensing is not a good idea.
Civil libertarians are shocked at any ideas to use 'compulsory' powers on big groups.
The applicants appear to propose a dual test in respect of the powers of 'compulsory' acquisition.
Medical inspections for schoolchildren become 'compulsory' by law.
Military service is still 'compulsory' in Russia and men aged 18 serve two years.
The union fears that 'compulsory' redundancies could be on the cards when the year-long change begins next April.
The completion of a training programme is now one of the 'compulsory' requirements of the scheme.
The literacy and numeracy strategies were not 'compulsory' in primary schools.
Upon completion of 'compulsory' service each soldier is assigned to a reserve unit.
helmets are 'compulsory' for all players
Britain is the only European Union state not to make a foreign language 'compulsory' in primary school.
This section is concerned with the powers of 'compulsory' admission available to health professionals.
If there be one compelling test of 'compulsoriness' , it seems clearly to be that of the logical relationship of all claims in any given litigation.
For this illusory victory, Fielding has helped the Federal Government strip university student unions of the right to 'compulsorily' levy a fee for services.
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