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she couldn't concentrate on the movie
focus one's attention or mental effort on a particular object or activity.
wealth was concentrated in the hands of the governing elite
gather (people or things) together in numbers or in a mass.
a concentrated campaign
wholly directed to one thing; intense.
concentrated fruit juice
(of a substance or solution) present in a high proportion relative to other substances; having had water or other diluting agent removed or reduced.
translation of 'concentrated'
He chose poetry a little away from the elegant tradition of Petrarch, often with many more emotional words, and this allowed him to develop a more 'concentrated' and intense musical style.
Further investigation of mechanisms of atypical liver necrosis after 'concentrated' acetic acid ingestion is needed.
The use of these 'concentrated' sprays can reduce application costs and avoid excessive leaf run-off as well as spray drift out of the orchard.
Cleaning with highly 'concentrated' hydrochloric acid with apparently little care or recognition of potential damage to some associated species is common.
Various initiatives have produced results, particularly the 'concentrated' campaigns in specific areas.
Predictably Ireland were much more driven in the second half, their teamwork more 'concentrated' and intense and the Swiss were forced deeper and deeper into defence.
It is assumed to be obtained in dilute solutions, and may not strictly apply to 'concentrated' solutions.
The most detailed of dossiers can only circle around an activity as 'concentrated' and implacable as it was obscure in its ends.
A more 'concentrated' solution may be used only if quinupristin/dalfopristin is administered through a central line.
In this regime, the properties of the DNA 'concentrated' solutions do not depend on the length of the DNA.
He then put 'concentrated' nitric acid into the tube and the tar didn't dissolve.
They lazily, but with intense, 'concentrated' cunning, manipulate the lives of those around them for their own ends.
Dry crystals and 'concentrated' solutions are caustic.
Sauteing releases and evaporates most of the liquid from mushrooms for an intense, highly 'concentrated' flavor.
Water should not be added to 'concentrated' acids because they will boil and splatter - always add the acid to the water.
What was most memorable about Harlem was the waitress, who flirted with 'concentrated' , wilful intensity, a sort of Mata Hari with a tray.
In the distal tubule and collecting duct of the kidney, vasopressin stimulates water resorption so that 'concentrated' urine is produced.
As well as whole blood, fluid replacement may involve administration of salt fluids, plasma, or artificial substitutes, and 'concentrated' red blood cells.
The electrolyte is 'concentrated' KOH solution.
Nothing dished out by the corporate-controlled media can be accepted at face value, especially under conditions of a 'concentrated' campaign to stampede the public into a war frenzy.
Epinephrine and phenylephrine always should be used with extreme caution, especially in their most 'concentrated' solutions.
It is certain that the latest explosions, which the capital witnessed at the beginning of November, came after a 'concentrated' security campaign the likes of which the country has never seen.
These two methods require stringent control of the inoculum size and hence are not optimal for direct sensitivity testing from 'concentrated' clinical specimens.
The fixtures are movable, in order to direct the 'concentrated' beam of light to your spot of choice in the room.
It's not as if it was a 'concentrated' campaign, but just over time.
Skirmishes with pirates as well as a 'concentrated' campaign to eliminate one particular group early in his career had provided him with opportunities to excel.
The authors conclude that short-term exposure to 'concentrated' ambient air particles induces a significant inflammatory reaction in the lungs of rats.
Essential oils are 'concentrated' liquids and are very powerful substances.
After the October 1 deadline for signing up to the code, a 'concentrated' campaign begins to inform consumers about the code and advise them to avoid businesses that have refused to accept it.
These numbers are expected to climb as a 'concentrated' marketing campaign continues strong.
UNIDO prepares roadmap for 100 MW concentrated solar thermal
Large accounts to be concentrated in specially designated branches: PNB
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