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concessional and commercial types of loans
(of a rate or allowance) constituting a concession.
translation of 'concessional'
To measure the vulnerability of a country to concessional lending disruption, we will first measure the volume of financial benefit from borrowing at 'concessional' rates.
Compared to most IMF loans, which are at market terms, SAF and ESAF credits were made extraordinarily 'concessional' , carrying annual interest charges of only 0.5 percent.
The ASSLH welcomes new members; there are categories for institutions and individuals; a 'concessional' rate is also available.
Public transport receives 'concessional' VAT rates in all members.
I agreed a nominal 'concessional' rate of £10,000 per day from 28th November 1999, the day after completion of contract 1.
Reddy is a powerful speaker and notes that most farmers in India are ‘second class citizens, social outcasts, who produce food at 'concessional' rates for 1 billion people.’
The majority of four-wheel drive vehicles continue to taxed at the 'concessional' rate of 5 per cent import duty while passenger vehicles incur a 15 per cent duty.
They're a big business, but in terms of taxation and other types of treatment they receive 'concessional' status as if they're charity.
The British wanted gifts of money and materiel; failing that, they sought unrestricted, unsecured loans at 'concessional' rates.
Dialysis was provided free of cost and medicines were given at 'concessional' rates.
The first option offers a 'concessional' return fare of Rs.699 a month for an adult and Rs.466 for children.
At the point of withdrawal, a 'concessional' rate of tax would apply (with the benefits of this concession skewed towards low and middle income earners).
This is measured by multiplying the total loan by the difference between the market interest rate and the 'concessional' interest rate.
This Government brought back the 'concessional' 50 per cent rate of capital gains tax just, really, to suit high-income earners.
The deadline of the project, under which all schools in Bangalore will be offered BMTC bus service at 'concessional' rates for ferrying students, was extended from June 1 to July 1 to create public consensus.
That's 12 times the IMF's 'concessional' net lending to the entire world in 2001.
Those children identified with medical problems would be offered further treatment or surgery at 'concessional' rates, said organising secretary of the exhibition, S. Balasubramaniam.
This full set is being sold at a 'concessional' price.
This will probably force the new country to accept loans, albeit at 'concessional' rates.
I was there when we moved from 'concessional' interest rates through to market rates.
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