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मिलाप करनेवाला
a conciliatory approach
intended or likely to placate or pacify.
translation of 'conciliatory'
मिलाप करनेवाला,
मित्र बनानेवाल
Washington is skeptical of Seoul taking a 'conciliatory' approach to Pyongyang.
Nevertheless, Sharon faced strong right-wing opposition to any 'conciliatory' gestures in the pursuit of peace.
O'Brien, on the other hand, is mild-mannered and 'conciliatory' in his approach.
I anxiously stood up, clutching the towel to my middle, and spread out my palm in a 'conciliatory' gesture.
However, she said she wanted a 'conciliatory' approach taken with the vandals in the true spirit of the sculpture.
Articulate, quick on his feet and funny, Devaney takes a 'conciliatory' approach to partisan issues.
Even this seemingly 'conciliatory' gesture was in fact an act of defiance.
Many people are disillusioned with the reformists' 'conciliatory' approach.
There is little doubt that this represents an extremely 'conciliatory' approach…
They have attempted to stop the flow of money abroad by making 'conciliatory' gestures to those who speculate on financial markets.
The common thread in all this seems to be a recognition that the 'conciliatory' approach has failed.
This 'conciliatory' gesture brought Sun some help from Russia who sent Michael Borodin to Canton.
Carranza was acquitted but such 'conciliatory' gestures from Philip were rare.
Chairman Johnson had taken a far more 'conciliatory' approach in his handling of the meeting.
Until now Orde had been in the forefront of 'conciliatory' approaches to the Republican movement.
The guide is designed to help make divorce less confrontational and to encourage a more 'conciliatory' approach.
Pro-democracy legislators have been invited to the event in a move seen as a 'conciliatory' gesture from Beijing.
This contrasts with the 'conciliatory' approach of China, South Korea and Russia.
Beth squeezed her husband's arm in what appeared to be a 'conciliatory' gesture, before turning away and walking towards the balcony.
The deal is largely the result of a more 'conciliatory' approach from Bob Iger, the Disney chief executive who was promoted last October.
The moral rules in the Sermon on the Mount are concerned with dispositional attitudes - 'conciliatoriness' , self-discipline, restraint, forgiveness and so on.
If in single-handed combat one smiles at an awesome enemy, his enmity will be changed to 'conciliatoriness' ; his hostility will become a mere joke, will shrink and disappear.
And given the passion for the game on the subcontinent, it was the Indian government's willingness to let the cricketers tour Pakistan that convinced Pakistanis that Delhi's apparent 'conciliatoriness' was sincere.
Tolerance, 'conciliatoriness' and forgiveness are not held in sufficiently high regard.
In the eighties and nineties the Narodniks adopted a policy of 'conciliatoriness' to tsarism, expressed the interests of the kulak class, and waged a persistent fight against Marxism.
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