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we offer our sincere condolences to his widow
an expression of sympathy, especially on the occasion of a death.
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letters of 'condolence'
letters of 'condolence'
The Notes sends sincere 'condolence' to the family, relatives and friends of the late Mary Bulmer.
My 'condolences' and deepest sympathy go to the parents and family of the little girl for the loss of a gift from God.
All of us here express our sincere 'condolences' to Roger's wife, family and friends.
I offer my sincere 'condolences' to all those affected and stand shoulder to shoulder with them.
Midgley sent his 'condolences' and sympathy to the family of the dead infant.
Blair arrives at the freezing hanger, close to tears as he delivers his 'condolences' .
We wish to express our sincere 'condolences' to all in our community who were bereaved during the year.
May I offer our sincerest 'condolences' to his family and friends, Stuart will be much missed.
The Garrafrauns group offers their 'condolences' to his relations and wide circle of friends.
We want to express our 'condolences' to Joe's family and those dedicated staff who supported him whilst he was in care.
This was a tragic event and we offer them our sincere 'condolences' .
Our most sincere 'condolences' to The Queen and all members of the Royal Family.
Sincere 'condolences' go out to his sons and daughters, brothers and family circle.
To her husband Paul, daughter Kaylyn and son Ronan, we offer our sincere 'condolences' .
Firefighters across the country have expressed their 'condolences' to the victims' families and friends.
Sincere 'condolences' are extended on the death of a dear daughter and sister.
Willie offered sincere 'condolences' to any members who suffered bereavements in the past year.
I watched a plea for his life earlier today from his wife and I extend my sincere and heartfelt 'condolences' to her and to all his family.
Many thanks for the kind words and to those who have emailed offering 'condolences' and prayers.
The team expressed their deep 'condolences' and assured them of support and help.
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