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हलवाई की दुकान
These are eaten locally, either as dessert nuts or in chocolate and confectionery .
candy and other sweets considered collectively.
translation of 'confectionery'
मिष्टान्न गृह,
हलवाई की दुकान,
The UK, meanwhile, is the second highest consumer of chocolate 'confectionery' in Europe, beaten only by Switzerland.
Russian chewing gum, Turkish 'confectionery' , Mexican soft drinks and US fruit juices were all bought during the interim period.
These are eaten locally, either as dessert nuts or in chocolate and 'confectionery' .
Even so, I can't help wondering how any piece of 'confectionery' can survive in today's world when it is crowned with half a pound of crushed sugar lumps.
They were rewarded in style for dreaming up and creating delectable ice cream and 'confectionery' and whetting the appetites of ultra-discerning gourmets from across the globe.
chocolate and fudge are made daily at the village 'confectionery'
‘We all need to eat fewer cakes, biscuits, 'confectionery' and soft drinks,’ she said.
For a city built on chocolate, York seems to produce some dire 'confectionery' .
For instance, the makers of chocolate 'confectionery' compete heavily in advertising but their prices remain remarkably similar.
There are soups, sauces, breads, margarines, 'confectionery' , peanut butter, cordials and soft drinks, biscuits, and yoghurts.
This was then blocked in by a further 10 pallets of cardboard boxes containing 'confectionery' and muesli.
Tea, coffee, home-made scones and 'confectionery' will be served throughout the day.
It isn't really the contents of these 'confectionery' packages I have a problem with.
One target for campaigners is the growing presence in schools of vending machines that dispense 'confectionery' , crisps and soft drinks.
Secondly, I would like to point out that we are not talking about sweeties, 'confectionery' , or cakes, but about medicines and pharmaceuticals.
The National Trust has a coastal centre in the village, providing information about the area and selling gifts, 'confectionery' and lollies.
It is a critical ingredient of the baking and 'confectionery' worlds, as it prevents ingredients in food from separating.
The idea to start manufacturing their own 'confectionery' formed when they started giving their own handmade chocolates to friends as Christmas presents.
In 1998, the combined advertising spend on chocolate bars, toys and games, ice cream and sugar 'confectionery' was £88.6m.
French macarons weren't my favorite 'confectionery' .
While levels of obesity have increased in recent decades, consumption of biscuits, cakes and 'confectionery' has remained static.
There're three 'confectioneries' / coffee shops in Fordsburg that will get your mouth watering the moment you walk in.
Casino guests can also experience about two dozen restaurants, pubs, 'confectioneries' and other shops in the Greektown neighborhood and nearby Harmonie Park.
Take a trip to the western edge of the city, to Fordsburg, and try the eastern delights offered by several 'confectioneries' .
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