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a confederation of trade unions
an organization that consists of a number of parties or groups united in an alliance or league.
translation of 'confederation'
महा संघ,
संघ या राज्य संघ
a referendum on 'confederation'
The development of modern Switzerland can be traced back to a 'confederation' (loose political grouping) of several Alpine valley communities and states in the Middle Ages.
It's a distinction that chafes Chinwe Okelu, former chair of the Mill Woods Presidents' Council, a 'confederation' of community leagues.
In one of Lien Chan's books, New Blueprint, New Dynamism, written in 2001, he declared the KMT's ultimate goal was unification with the mainland on the basis of a 'confederation' .
The US party system is a loose 'confederation' of parties drawn into a nominal two-party system.
The justices stated unambiguously that Quebec has no legal right to secede unilaterally and that only a process of constitutional amendment can change Quebec's legal status within 'confederation' .
Membership in the Astronomical League, a 'confederation' of amateurs and their organizations, has doubled in the last decade to 20,000 members.
This is not a 'confederation' of states; it is a unified nation.
As organizations, each national party is a decentralized and loose 'confederation' of state parties and of other affiliated groups.
On the surface, a 'confederation' is a union of sovereign states, but, underneath, it holds the possibility of moving from independence to unification.
Caritas is a 'confederation' of organisations (local, national, and regional) to spread solidarity and social justice throughout the world.
a 'confederation' of trade unions
Under the SPLM's proposed 'confederation' , the south and north would establish their own constitutions, with a common non-religious political system in the capital city.
Hours after the elections, the employers 'confederation' demanded more liberalisation, privatisation and deregulation of the economy, as well as wage controls and cuts in public spending.
This places 'confederation' towards the strategic center of the unification-independence spectrum, something that may have a positive effect on domestic political competition and integration.
The cell's complex inner composition cannot function at all unless all the parts are simultaneously present, working in tightly integrated 'confederation' .
Federalism can be seen a compromise between the extreme concentration of power and a loose 'confederation' of independent states for governing a variety of people usually in a large expanse of territory.
Beginning as a railway in the first century of Canadian 'confederation' , it entered Canada's second century as a multi-model transport, industrial and financial enterprise.
First, Slovenia had the status of federal republic in Yugoslavia; then, in 1974, with the emergence of the self-management system, it became a 'confederation' .
‘But even our fathers of 'confederation' are hard to name,’ continues Maddin.
The leaves disappeared from the penny only in 1967, when they were replaced by a rock dove to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of 'confederation' .
The German language has a neat way of distinguishing between a loose 'confederation' and a federal union.
Albertans often feel they were sold out to protect Ontario consumers but that's the nature of 'confederation' .
Their historic encounter in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang in June 2000 has initiated a thaw in relations that could lead, in time, to a 'confederation' of the two Koreas and eventual reunification.
As with point 1, I don't see what this has to do with strengthening Alberta's place in 'confederation' .
In 1397 the chief men of the three countries met at Kalmar to arrange a basis for a permanent legal 'confederation' (the Union of Galmar).
Canadians in all strata of society became greatly disturbed by this threat and looked for ways to draw the northwestern regions of North America into 'confederation' .
This peculiar electoral strategy only makes sense when it is understood that their stated aim is not to form a government but to remove Quebec from 'confederation' entirely.
Obviously Alberta puts a lot more into 'confederation' than they get out, from a purely dollars and cents perspective.
a referendum on 'confederation'
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