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a confrontation with the legislature
a hostile or argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties.
translation of 'confrontation'
The bank disclosed her new address, forcing her to move again in a hurry to avoid a 'confrontation' with her husband.
The first ran out of the facility in anger after a 'confrontation' with another female.
It would not have been fitting for him to die a martyr's death in a fiery 'confrontation' with authority.
They were thought to be preparing for a 'confrontation' with former associates who had set up a rival drugs gang.
People are coming here to have a violent 'confrontation' with the police.
A 'confrontation' with a group of youths drove her to fire the weapon at the pavement near one teenager's feet.
I thought it wise not to engage in any further 'confrontation' with the gentleman on the issue.
He could then, very easily, make the 'confrontation' with the Centre an issue and go back to the people.
a 'confrontation' with the legislature
Yet for all its 'confrontation' with sex, drugs and sin, this book strongly affirms the human.
the race promised a classic 'confrontation' between the two top runners in the world
If he fails to do so, he runs the risk of a 'confrontation' with the people of the State.
there was a 'confrontation' between the two tribes
This new workers' organisation was forced into violent 'confrontation' with the state.
It is a grotesque 'confrontation' with the reality of life and death.
It's supposed to give us freedom of action in a 'confrontation' with a nuclear-armed state.
In fact, she had been avoiding him since the 'confrontation' with the paint stick.
a 'confrontation' with the legislature
The 'confrontation' with the court represents the first test of the new administration, analysts say.
they want to avoid any 'confrontation' with the authorities
This 'confrontation' with our mortality also occurs when someone close to us dies.
four months of violent 'confrontation' between government and opposition forces
The logic of events will lead them to a 'confrontation' with the West.
But, I do know that a swan is not the sort of beast you want a 'confrontation' with.
four months of violent 'confrontation' between government and opposition forces
I had enough on my mind without having to have a 'confrontation' with him right now.
The others are getting into it a bit more, the 'confrontations' , scheming and arguments have started and we're barely a week in to the show.
No scope for confrontation with judiciary, says PM
Welcome free debate and dissent, but not confrontation, President tells students
China dares India, says ready for 'all-out confrontation' (Roundup)
Russia doesn't seek confrontation with other countries: Putin
Dangerous to advocate confrontation: Chinese envoy to US
Kim, Moon pledge to denuclearize Korean Peninsula, end confrontation
Khamenei: Iran has beaten US in 40 years of confrontation
US Defence Secretary flays Russia over Ukraine confrontation
Unprecedented confrontation: Mamata resorts to sit-in after CBI-police face-off
Unprecedented centre-state confrontation: Mamata resorts to sit-in after CBI-police face-off
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