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बधाई देना
I went into the living room to congratulate Bill on his marriage
give (someone) one's good wishes when something special or pleasant has happened to them.
translation of 'congratulate'
जय जयकार करना
बधाई देना
I would like to 'congratulate' David on what he has achieved and I wish him all the best next week.
All their families and friends 'congratulate' the happy couple and wish them all the very best for the future.
A large crowd turned out to 'congratulate' them and wish them the best in the future.
I am, however, sincerely delighted to 'congratulate' you on the achievement of a personal goal.
So all in all it was a great week for Margaret and we 'congratulate' her on her achievements.
I therefore wish to 'congratulate' this brave man publicly for standing up for what he believed in.
We 'congratulate' her on her success and wish her further advancement, if that is her desire.
We 'congratulate' him on his special occasion and we wish him many more of the same.
Micheal is from Kinvara in County Galway and we 'congratulate' him on being honoured.
I went into the living room to 'congratulate' Bill on his marriage
We also wish to 'congratulate' him on his retirement, and wish him many happy years and good luck in the years ahead.
He wished that just once someone might 'congratulate' him on a job well done.
he had taken the chance to 'congratulate' him on his marriage
From us in the newsroom we 'congratulate' you and wish you well in retirement.
No doubt his constituents are proud of his achievement and 'congratulate' him on his advancement.
All their family and friends 'congratulate' them and wish them many more years of happiness together.
Her many friends 'congratulate' Mary and wish her lots of luck in the future.
The players and management must be 'congratulated' for this amazing achievement.
As much as they tried to find moments alone, it was impossible to avoid the droves of 'congratulators' .
He gave him a 'congratulatory' slap on the shoulder.
When European journalists and intellectuals aren't relishing the latest windy jeremiad by one of these cranks, they're busy 'congratulating themselves' for their appreciation of nuance.
He didn't do it but sure took pride in 'congratulating himself' for triumphing over the impulse.
He and his staff are to be 'congratulated' for their workmanship and their commitment to this scheme.
Please join me in 'congratulating' them and wishing them the happiest of futures together.
His real sentiments were likely far from 'congratulatory' .
The full-page miniatures that faced each other in the original foliation represent the arrival of the ‘ 'congratulator' ’ sent by the Western king to the porphyrogenitos, as was recounted in the text a page earlier.
Subsequently, the young defender was surrounded by 'congratulators' , all in amber, but Arthur can't absolve himself of the fact that he could have done better there.
I bought him a 'congratulatory' card, wrote a note on the inside, addressed and stamped it and then duly lost the card before actually getting to post it.
Our Prime Minister must be 'congratulated' for not making the event a political outing.
Students with exceptional attendance records have been 'congratulated' for their dedication to school.
35 Congratulations कहने के तरीके - अंग्रेज़ी में
35 Congratulations कहने के तरीके - अंग्रेज़ी में
35 Congratulations कहने के तरीके - अंग्रेज़ी में
35 Congratulations कहने के तरीके - अंग्रेज़ी में
35 Congratulations कहने के तरीके - अंग्रेज़ी में
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