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a connoisseur of music
an expert judge in matters of taste.
translation of 'connoisseur'
It looks the same and only the 'connoisseur' would tell the difference in taste.
a 'connoisseur' of music
A leading 'connoisseur' of bottled water last night advised consumers to pick and choose between bottled and mains water.
a 'connoisseur' of music
Wine 'connoisseurs' demonstrate how to savour the true taste of wine without depending on the nose.
Experience can contribute to 'connoisseurship' , but only if the consumer tastes with attention and an open mind.
For 'connoisseurs' of intelligence fiction a few titles epitomize the essence of the craft.
Why is a curatorial project in feminist revisionism, buttressed by scholarly discussions of Victorian domesticity, gender identity and literary culture, enveloped in a thick mantle of 'connoisseurship' ?
Local 'connoisseurs' are seldom of much help in correcting the error.
Fireworks are integral to the social life of the Japanese, who are perhaps the world's greatest firework artists and 'connoisseurs' .
They have been created by expert designers to attract fashion 'connoisseurs' and the textile industry at large.
For beer 'connoisseurs' it was one of the great events of the social calendar - a real ale festival at one of Scotland's finest country houses.
He was a connoisseur and he felt they were 'connoisseurs' , too.
Meanwhile the project seems to have provoked some bemused commentary among art 'connoisseurs' .
Caribbean mango 'connoisseurs' argue over which variety is the most luscious.
Certainly, there was a host of different dishes hot and steamy to cater to the tastes of 'connoisseurs' .
With just over a month to go before this year's grape harvest, vineyard owners and wine 'connoisseurs' are hoping the good weather will continue.
Like the original structure, his piece has a beauty that lures 'connoisseurs' .
When I argue that your 'connoisseurship' or aestheticism are suspect and insist on my own highly materialist readings of things, it does not mean that our field is in disarray.
Renowned for his visual acumen and 'connoisseurship' , he grew up in Paris and New York, the son of a scholar of medieval church history.
Early catalogues served 'connoisseurs' and noble visitors whilst also publicizing the taste and wealth of the owner.
Raw concrete is a taste acquired by few outside a tight-knit commando of architectural 'connoisseurs' .
Plus, 'connoisseurs' will soon be to able purchase originals for themselves.
Beer 'connoisseurs' argue that the brews don't taste as good as those made with malted barley.
It's the kind of 'connoisseurship' you can feel good about: unlike some wines and good coffees, artisan cheese is decidedly anti-corporate, produced by co-ops and small dairies, often by very few people or families.
It will give an opportunity for the 'connoisseurs' of food to fulfil their gastronomical desires.
The 'connoisseurs' came up with a surprising range of taste and bouquet descriptions.
COVID-19 effect: Bolshoi Theatre goes online for connoisseurs
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