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आम सहमति से
he admitted to having consensual sex with two women
relating to or involving consent, especially mutual consent.
translation of 'consensual'
सह संवेदी,
सहसंवेद्य कार्य द्वारा किया हुआ
I have to admit, I feel the same way about pretty much every 'consensual' sexual activity.
If there is a website proclaiming that all 'consensual' sex is within the law, this is a serious matter.
It follows from this that even 'consensual' sexual activity between 15-year-olds will be criminal in the eyes of the law.
But during his trial, he claimed after he picked up the young woman she made advances to him and the sex was 'consensual' .
He then submitted a statement saying he had 'consensual' sex with a woman he saw on the street after meeting her in a club earlier.
Staff initially viewed the sexual contact as 'consensual' .
The trio deny the charges, claiming their sexual activity had been 'consensual' .
This general pattern has been referred to as sexual compliance or 'consensual' unwanted sex.
Again he initially denied he had been in her room but then changed his story, saying they had enjoyed 'consensual' sexual intercourse.
Further, it is an affront to basic human rights that a person should be imprisoned for 'consensual' sex between two adults.
Does that sound to you like a likely scenario for 'consensual' sex?
It also dissuaded 'consensual' sexual partners from asking for condoms.
He claimed he and the teenager had 'consensual' sex.
Defence attorneys said the sex with celebrities was 'consensual' .
The government has backed away from its plans to decriminalise 'consensual' sexual behaviour between teenagers.
Yet, while they are preaching to us about the immorality of our 'consensual' sexual lives the institutions are busy condoning the abuse by their own employees.
Where sex is 'consensual' and between adults I do not believe the things other people get up to are any of my business.
He claimed he had had a 'consensual' sexual relationship with all three of the boys when they were aged 14 or 15.
We would be left with only those references relating to 'consensual' sexual activities within homosexual partnerships.
That's why these laws governing 'consensual' sex must be repealed.
Why would they risk civil war if they can 'consensually' govern?
That is also one factor why youngsters enter into such relationships 'consensually' .
Everyone smiles 'consensually' at each other and goes home imbued with complacency.
So the question here is really whether the US dollar could break free from the United States state, and operating as a globally-regulated, 'consensually' managed currency.
It makes the price of music a political issue, rather than something to be worked out 'consensually' between buyers and sellers.
US journalist alleges rape by Akbar, he says it was consensual (Roundup)
US journalist slams Akbar's 'consensual' statement
Consensual sex between live-in partners not rape in certain cases: SC
Madras HC suggestion on consensual sex between minors hailed
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