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a consignment of beef
a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.
translation of 'consignment'
प्रेषित वस्तु,
भेजा हुआ माल
प्रेषित माल,
Also, consider using a local leather maker who is willing to place belts and holsters in your shop on 'consignment' , plus, take custom orders.
They acquire their goods on 'consignment' from wholesale merchants in the larger towns, then carry them on the train into the countryside.
However, when you sell on 'consignment' , you aren't paid until your work is sold to a customer.
The Claimants say it is up to the Defendants to satisfy themselves that any given 'consignment' of goods is legitimate; and if it is not, they act at their peril.
Provisions for the 'consignment' of liquid nitrogen shall also be fulfilled.
The rest of the cannabis will be sold on 'consignment' .
a 'consignment' of beef
We specialize in 'consignment' of vehicles and currently have over 100 vehicles on our lot.
Customers then receive email replies that provide a full status report on each 'consignment' , from collection and delivery times to the name of the person who signed for the shipment.
There are basically three venues offered to you: you can sell wholesale, or through 'consignment' , or via shows where you are personally present.
We have goods on 'consignment' that we have to pay for in January.
Another issue is, you can't provide a return policy or trade-in policy on artwork if the primary inventory in your gallery is on 'consignment' .
Not all vendors are willing to sell on 'consignment' , however.
It is not however, the work I take to galleries or sell on 'consignment' .
new and used children's clothing on 'consignment'
Most of these goods were dispatched on 'consignment' in the expectation that they would sell quickly.
The prints are lent to the gallery on 'consignment' , with the photographer recouping his investment only if the prints sell.
It sells all clothing on 'consignment' , and carries a small selection of second-hand clothing as well.
Somebody from New York said once they would sell the baskets on 'consignment' , but they ended up sitting in a warehouse.
The tapes were sent to hardware stores all over the country on 'consignment' at a 43 percent discount to be paid when they were sold.
In the evening, lulled by the callousness of another day of sameness, we cast the issue upon a stack in a proscribed corner of our homes, for 'consignment' to the kabariwalla at the end of the month.
Once the broker has made his bids, the tuna are purchased on 'consignment' .
Send a complimentary book to 50 top bookstores with a press release asking them to consider carrying your book on 'consignment' .
levels of 'consignment' are running below budget
As a teen, I'd make baby clothes and sell them on 'consignment' .
a 'consignment' of drugs
Provide a copy for the livestock transporter to complete the transporter declaration for the 'consignment' of pigs and retention in transporter company records.
Part of this is based on ‘bending over backwards’ for customers and offering some of the best prices in the region, particularly on used guns, which are often taken in on 'consignment' .
See if you can obtain a few pieces on 'consignment' .
Many of Argentina's fruits are exported on 'consignment' and stored in gigantic refrigerated warehouses in the Dutch port of Rotterdam.
Pradhan flags off 'goodwill' consignment of diesel to Bangladesh
Assam refinery sends first consignment of paraffin wax to Kenya
BSF seizes consignment of silver, nabs cattle smuggler
Pakistan rejects Indian cotton consignment
Assam refinery sends wax consignments to Thailand and Hong Kong
First wheat consignment from India to Afghanistan reaches Chabahar
First Indian wheat consignment via Chabahar reaches Afghanistan
One arrested with consignment of drone at IGI airport
Three Tripura policemen held with huge consignment of drugs
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