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the first phase of the project is to consolidate the outside walls
make (something) physically stronger or more solid.
all manufacturing activities have been consolidated in new premises
combine (a number of things) into a single more effective or coherent whole.
translation of 'consolidate '
समेकित करना
संघटित करना,
समेकन करना
He observed: to describe the right to 'consolidate' several accounts as an example of the banker's lien is… a misuse of language.
As he continues to 'consolidate' his position in the world of entertainment, his tricks are still breathtaking and dramatic.
As he looks ahead to the history books, however, he seems to realize that hard power alone will not 'consolidate' his position.
He has been meeting with the local banks in order to 'consolidate' our accounts.
Most recently the Commission has made a proposal to reform and 'consolidate' all of the legislation in one measure.
There he made preparations for his first attempts to 'consolidate' purified platinum powder into a solid plug and to hammer it into a metallic ingot.
The department has previously hired different advertising and media agencies for separate campaigns, but will now 'consolidate' its account.
The 1911 Copyright Act served to 'consolidate' existing common law and legislation and brought within the copyright fold the right to perform a creative work.
Staffers are studying how to 'consolidate' the paper's four weekly magazines into a single Sunday magazine of up to 32 pages, she said.
This medical monopoly has throughout the twentieth century continued to 'consolidate' and strengthen its power.
Then, in 1999, the lender suggested that the single mom 'consolidate' her two mortgages into one.
The new board has been instructed by cabinet to 'consolidate' the corporation's accounts into a holding company and to settle the corporation's debts as well as its overdraft and outstanding loans.
Special furnaces and fire grates have therefore for a long time been in use for this purpose, whilst in recent times attempts have been made to 'consolidate' the substance into briquettes before burning it, which have met with a fair amount of success.
In my opinion, your country has enormous potential to build and 'consolidate' an outstanding position as a European and international tourist destination.
One idea that has come to light is to 'consolidate' the number of local coverage bodies from one per state to about 20 across the nation.
The new rules will 'consolidate' existing legislation and introduce new controls on the way asbestos is handled in the workplace.
These measures bring together, update and 'consolidate' EU food and feed legislation.
The very last Major act was to 'consolidate' the various legislation on employment rights regarding unfair dismissal, redundancy, and claims of lesser importance.
the first phase of the project is to 'consolidate' the outside walls
The final package of changes proposed responds to a need to update, 'consolidate' , and ensure consistency across different pieces of legislation.
the first phase of the project is to 'consolidate' the outside walls
I recently got married, so I had to start looking for a bank to 'consolidate' our accounts.
We 'consolidate' our accounts and get lower APRs and keep devoting a percentage of our income to paying them off.
As imperialist globalisation tries to 'consolidate' its power the world over, building a mass anti-imperialist women's movement is more important than ever.
My spouse and I used to have the three accounts set up, but decided to 'consolidate' to one account.
Strips of suitable length are cut, and are then beaten with a hammer in order to 'consolidate' the substance of the hide.
Carrying on an old tradition, many airlines have been known to cancel a flight, to 'consolidate' the numbers of passengers on board.
One option being considered is to 'consolidate' Chippenham and Malmesbury's sorting offices into a single, purpose built facility in Chippenham.
If you have money spread around various bank deposit and building society accounts then this is as good a time as any to 'consolidate' them into one single account.
Leaders hate to be thwarted; it is in the nature of power to 'consolidate' itself.
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