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This is not the conventional constabulary , nor is the appropriate conventional, predetermined, domestic, natural-disaster team when the threat is global terrorism.
the constables of a district, collectively.
The idea of concentrating constabulary strength by temporarily vacating some stations had been part of contingency planning since 1917.
of or relating to a constabulary.
translation of 'constabulary'
पुलिस दल
Such attacks caused 87 percent of 'constabulary' casualties and are a very reliable indicator of overall activity against the force.
If 3 qualified persons cannot be found in any 'constabulary' , candidates may be elected from other constabularies.
But a spokeswoman for Cheshire 'constabulary' , which had officers at the site, said the number was nearer 14.
A spokesman for Lancashire 'constabulary' says a team of officers and family liaison officers are on standby just in case.
Second, the U.S. experience with 'constabulary' forces in postwar Germany and Japan suggested that great caution must be exerted when designating military forces for operations other than war.
And many lower officers and 'constabulary' had full sympathy with the marauding mobs.
West Yorkshire's special 'constabulary' is recognised as being among the best in the country, and we are proud of that.
Two Sub-Inspectors and two drivers work in shifts besides adequate number of personnel in the 'constabulary' cadre.
This is not the conventional 'constabulary' , nor is the appropriate conventional, predetermined, domestic, natural-disaster team when the threat is global terrorism.
In England, the coroner system was established under the 'constabulary' .
The 'constabulary' , diving all up and down the beach, finally found them under the headland.
The orchestrated escort and the accompanying police violence in clearing the picket reflected the involvement of city based police, the local 'constabulary' having been cooperative with the workers.
Like other police forces, Wiltshire 'constabulary' is not setting up a special squad or unit to deal with possible hunting law infringements.
They're still going to be armed, and indeed the crew are going to be armed but they'll be armed for a police 'constabulary' role as opposed to a military role.
Our Army is always, always, always surprised when it has to do occupation, nation-building and 'constabulary' work.
The Queen has a sense of humour - her Queensland 'constabulary' obviously doesn't.
The Garrison Command headed the 'constabulary' responsible for enforcing the martial law that was in force between 1949 and 1987.
‘Operation Cobra’ sounds like a plot by undercover CIA operatives to assassinate a Central American despot, rather than the local 'constabulary' 's crackdown on car thieves.
Policing is also a major point of contention, as the 'constabulary' are predominantly Protestant and there is deep suspicion of criminal justice procedures among Catholics.
Special 'constabulary' officers were honoured for their service to Wiltshire Police at the Chief Constable's parade on Tuesday.
The office of the Commissioner of Police embodies the principle of 'constabulary' independence.
I have the 'constabulary' arrest them for vagrancy, but I am proud nonetheless.
Alternatively, one could imagine using 'constabulary' units for policing countrywide, overlaying them with smaller combat formations to fight the insurgency.
But the American military still recoils from getting involved in such conflicts and derides the worth of 'constabulary' duties and nation building.
A stoplight was out and a member of the 'constabulary' was present, yet clear roads weren't being utilized.
Lastly, 'constabulary' tasks comprise another six functions, among which are sovereignty patrols, aid to the civil power, search and rescue, and disaster relief.
The first bred the most popular 'constabulary' in the world, a street police, unarmed, recruited from and accountable to its community.
Wondering why the full bus then hadn't moved, we realised that we were being encircled by the Lancashire local 'constabulary' , ‘police evidence gatherers’ decked out in riot gear, and mounted police.
Such a construct would not be like your father's or grandfather's 'constabulary' once the expeditionary phase of combat operations is over - nor would this be a postmodern military.
The Western security alliance's overriding concern throughout its tenure as the Balkan 'constabulary' has been the safety of its own personnel.
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