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Section IV takes us off the land and into comets, galaxies and constellations of stars.
a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure. Modern astronomers divide the sky into eighty-eight constellations with defined boundaries.
translation of 'constellation'
तारा समूह
If women present with a different 'constellation' of symptoms, they're less likely to associate those symptoms with heart disease.
Perhaps it says a lot for the depth of Brazil's squad that they have advanced to the latter stages bereft of such a 'constellation' of talent.
In fact, I visualize the 'constellation' of events and characters in my novels with these pictures.
However, this improved prognosis is seen only when one finds the complete 'constellation' of diagnostic features.
Similarly, data communications, including emergency service, is a natural use for a 'constellation' of such satellites.
no two patients ever show exactly the same 'constellation' of symptoms
Part of the 'constellation' Puppis, the star is a tad too faint to see with the unaided eye.
He has gladly capitulated to a 'constellation' of race-hustling poverty pimps in an repellent effort to hang on at all costs.
The map of Europe is dotted with a 'constellation' of spa towns.
The bullets found easy victims and a 'constellation' of flashing lights lit up the smoke-filled cabin, accompanied by a staccato roar.
The Defense Department has not yet selected all of the future locations for its new 'constellation' of overseas facilities.
This 'constellation' of images, and the devil in its dialectic, is nicely captured in this passage.
In each case, the same 'constellation' of notions emerges.
And in which constellation is that Great Nebula, the 'constellation' which then gave its name to the galaxy?
Rather, its impact is felt through people's concern with a 'constellation' of ideas which are linked by the fact that they are presupposed by social Darwinism.
Centaurus is a southern 'constellation' and its brightest stars are not visible in regions above latitude 29 north.
The centre of our galaxy lies within a cluster of stars in the 'constellation' Sagittarius.
In the process, a 'constellation' of personal qualities has been derided and devalued, and is in the process of vanishing altogether.
They must find the new 'constellation' of goods that the gift represents more attractive than the one they are used to.
I was lying on the ground in front of someone's house watching the stars, the 'constellation' , Cassiopeia.
A whole 'constellation' of imaging products is now maturing into commercial viability.
What a 'constellation' of small joys Sunday turned out to be.
Like all the other identified extra-solar planets, the body found orbiting the star in the 'constellation' Lyra is a giant.
no two patients ever show exactly the same 'constellation' of symptoms
Both of these are definitely important considerations that capital owners weigh, but they are amongst a 'constellation' of many others.
The 'constellation' of these artists and their painted and sculpted expressions is impressive in its rhetoric and spectacle.
North of Orion lies a pentagon of stars which mark the 'constellation' Auriga, the brightest of which is Capella.
He clearly delineated the 'constellation' of today's fine art world by flowing and following the mainstreams.
That morning, a peddler on Broad Street had extended a 'constellation' of needle marks into her path, hand holding a fake plastic flower.
Section IV takes us off the land and into comets, galaxies and 'constellations' of stars.
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