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चुनाव क्षेत्र
the politician who wishes to remain in the good graces of his constituency
a body of voters in a specified area who elect a representative to a legislative body.
translation of 'constituency'
मतदाता वर्ग
There is no 'constituency' for protectionism, all the big firms want to go offshore because the labor savings are large.
These local leaders also need a 'constituency' that will support their efforts to take new steps to encourage that viability.
On our behalf, they spoke to 400 voters across the 'constituency' .
Our image as a low-key, behind-the-scenes supporter of a small, niche 'constituency' is gone.
It was designed to appeal to an urban, affluent 'constituency' .
If the newspaper is looking for a 'constituency' to support it, we are here and waiting for you.
She thanked voters in the Bolton West 'constituency' for the support they had shown for her campaign.
a 'constituency' of racing fans
most politicians are more interested in the voice of their 'constituency'
They faced little opposition because there were as yet no e-books, and thus no 'constituency' of readers for them.
Now, according to at least some pollsters, his support among that core 'constituency' is slipping.
And when the time came to work on projects, his 'constituency' readily supported many of his decisions.
The eclectic newspaper package offered every 'constituency' something special.
He owns the 250-bedroom Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney, the heart of the minister's 'constituency' .
The bulk of the new voters voted Yes, with the result that 66 per cent of voters in the 'constituency' backed the referendum.
the politician who wishes to remain in the good graces of his 'constituency'
We internet junkies, like the direct mail discussed in the article, are a very narrow 'constituency' .
My husband is planning to start a factory for manufacturing green environment friendly condoms in the Minister's 'constituency' .
There's no great Palestinian 'constituency' for starting another one.
Growing up in a PNM-loyal family, I have been a supporter all my life in the Couva North 'constituency' .
Other party officials say that on the ground there is immense hostility to him and he has few supporters left in the 'constituency' .
The seat was abolished following boundary changes in 1983, after which he represented the Selby 'constituency' .
To get elected in her 'constituency' , she promised jobs to everyone.
So, we are dealing with a very powerful 'constituency' of religious nuts now doing the muscle work for a criminal political gang.
Should the lazy idiot 'constituency' be encouraged to influence society even more than it already does?
A major Democratic 'constituency' , the feminist left, expects a fight against any of his nominees.
With guns at least, there obviously is a very real 'constituency' for anti-gun-control activism.
a parliamentary candidate in the Hampstead and Highgate 'constituency'
The Minister, who represents the Hacketstown 'constituency' , expressed his delight that the project was now completed.
They neither need nor want to seek sympathy from the ‘majority’ of voters in the 'constituency' .
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