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They said the terms in office of legislators depended solely on the acceptance of their constituents who elected their representatives every five years.
a member of a constituency.
the essential constituents of the human diet
a component part of something.
the constituent minerals of the rock
being a part of a whole.
the constituent body has a right of veto
being a voting member of a community or organization and having the power to appoint or elect.
translation of 'constituent'
निर्वाचक व्यक्ति,
You are very important to members of Congress, because, as a 'constituent' , you have the power to keep them in office.
If you grant that ‘tangibility’ is a 'constituent' property of physicality, or identical to it, the child seems to be making the same argument
That option does not seem terribly realistic or to have widespread support among the 'constituent' communities.
Eight Republicans came back from recess, their ears burning with 'constituent' anger, and voted with the Dems.
A quarter of a million voters elected a 'constituent' assembly dominated by republicans.
The working class must fight for a 'constituent' assembly elected openly and democratically by the working masses to settle all the democratic questions.
Perhaps contrary to expectations, I'm quite a fan of red meat: it appears to have been a 'constituent' of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years, and is therefore something we're likely to be well adapted to.
I would aim for a detonation somewhere between that required to merely startle and that which would be necessary to reduce everything within a one metre radius into its 'constituent' molecules.
The Union was based on the sovereignty of its seven 'constituent' provinces, with the maximum devolution of power from the centre.
The first Inter-Church Meeting between the main 'constituent' members of the Irish Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church took place at Ballymascanlon in September 1973.
‘Obviously funding will be split between central government and the 'constituent' authorities but we urgently need more information,’ he said.
It remains the case that they key 'constituent' audience can't go and see this film.
Directors need to take a step back once in a while and ask themselves: how well are they representing their 'constituent' members?
The protesting masses have been demanding a 'constituent' assembly, or constitutional convention to reorganize their country, and nationalization of their country's natural resources.
So they flew to D.C. to meet with him, called his office daily to complain about it, and organized a 'constituent' call-in drive.
Her world resembles that of a child, where the 'constituent' objects are always surprising a not quite ‘developed’ mind.
The real difference is in the ability to see a picture as a whole or only as a collection of its 'constituent' parts.
The practices by which a society's 'constituent' roles are defined can always be renegotiated by their carriers, just as the memes by which a culture is defined can be reinterpreted by theirs.
The whole discussion of the apple was in language, and language was an essential 'constituent' in the various forms of knowing discussed.
Liberal democratic values encoded in the country's institutions define an inclusive public space in which all its 'constituent' groups are obliged to participate as part of the multicultural contract.
A 'constituent' assembly was popularly elected in April 1980, and general elections were held in November 1981.
If the whole really is greater than the sum of the 'constituent' parts, maybe these lesser parts would be more on my level.
The condition applies to the whole of the car parking accommodation and to its 'constituent' parts.
The agreement also marks a reversal for the political parties, which previously rejected the idea of a 'constituent' assembly.
The Governing Body, in its wisdom, devolved decision making for the trophy's route to its 'constituent' bodies, the counties.
Meanwhile, the House of Representatives continues to be gridlocked with the Senate on the Charter change issue as congressmen continue to push for a resolution for a 'constituent' assembly.
In all institutions the 'constituent' members are, at least notionally, united to achieve a common goal.
After donation, all the blood is divided into its 'constituent' parts by a 3,000-revolution per minute centrifuge according to differential density.
On Tuesday, the new German parliament met in 'constituent' session.
Each member has a voice, each member is a 'constituent' .
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