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a contagious infection
(of a disease) spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact.
her enthusiasm is contagious
(of an emotion, feeling, or attitude) likely to spread to and affect others.
translation of 'contagious'
छूत की,
Estrella couldn't help but laugh herself, as his attitude was 'contagious' .
The spread of 'contagious' disease from the body was continuing to infect our people and it was killing them.
A respiratory viral infection is a 'contagious' illness that can affect your respiratory tract and cause other symptoms.
Rubella is a mild, highly 'contagious' illness that is caused by a virus.
So they come back to work, when in fact, maybe they should be out for a week to two weeks because they are still 'contagious' .
Patients are more 'contagious' than carriers but carriers keep the disease alive.
As a matter of fact, I don't worry at all about the spread of a 'contagious' disease like SARS.
A person is most 'contagious' from about 1 day before the salivary glands swell, to at least another 3 days after the swelling began.
And each child who isn't immunized gives these highly 'contagious' diseases one more chance to spread.
A person is 'contagious' for 2 to 7 days after symptoms appear.
He speaks about his Oxford crew with an immutable and 'contagious' excitement.
These crowded conditions encourage the spread of 'contagious' illnesses among the child silk workers.
They meet people with leprosy who are ostracized even by the doctors who know they are not 'contagious' .
New cases and potentially 'contagious' patients are identified through proper use and interpretation of the tuberculin skin test.
He sparks with highly 'contagious' enthusiasm while sipping his beer.
Pan's enthusiasm was 'contagious' and soon some of his friends, including his girlfriend Lisa, had their ears pierced.
As flocks of sheep return home this month from winter grazing the lowlands of Pembrokeshire, farmers are being warned to be vigilant against the spread of a highly 'contagious' disease.
It built up enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is 'contagious' .
Measles, mumps, and rubella are all serious 'contagious' diseases that spread rapidly, especially in populations without immunity.
But it is a general hospital with no specialized contagious-disease division, and it had never before treated such 'contagious' patients.
Group A streptococcal infections that cause scarlet fever are 'contagious' .
Meanwhile, the 'contagious' disease would spread, leading to widespread illness and public panic.
Traditional externalities, such as limiting the spread of 'contagious' diseases, explain little of modern government involvement with health.
A few parents turned their children away from us, as if we were 'contagious' , harmful on sight.
Dawn's passion is 'contagious' , and Ian has his own way of being persuasive.
It took no time to spread here, feeding off a 'contagious' love of popularity.
Research suggested that to be at risk from infection spread by coughs or sneezes it was necessary to sit within two rows of a 'contagious' passenger for more than eight hours.
This is especially important because children may have been exposed to 'contagious' illnesses such as chicken pox or may have recently received immunizations.
He exudes a 'contagious' enthusiasm when he discusses what drives him to write.
Lice aren't dangerous and they don't spread disease, but they are 'contagious' and can just be downright annoying.
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