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the captured territory was one of the main areas of contention between the two countries
heated disagreement.
statistics bear out his contention that many runners are undertrained for this event
an assertion, especially one maintained in argument.
translation of 'contention'
So the only area of 'contention' is the area of where we are investigating behaviour that may be unlawful.
This diversity is one of the main points of 'contention' between astrologers themselves.
Roth says he was immediately drawn to the novel, which had a history of 'contention' all its own.
An e-voting system like this is an invitation for fraud, and sure to be a point of 'contention' when the votes are counted.
It is my 'contention' that the difference between a monarchy and a republic would be symbolic only.
In view of their Lordships, however, such a 'contention' is not maintainable.
It is my 'contention' that she didn't really betray anyone, and that the real agents of betrayal in all of this are the media.
But it's not hard to see why this funding bottom line is the main point of 'contention' here.
Indeed, my 'contention' is that everyone in his movies is completely real.
the captured territory was one of the main areas of 'contention' between the two countries
Ownership has long been a source of 'contention' in the Irish newspaper industry.
One area of 'contention' is whether a confession made by a co-defendant may be tendered by a defendant.
It is not my 'contention' that information must needs run on a parallel track to entertainment.
statistics bear out his 'contention' that many runners are undertrained for this event
One of the main points of 'contention' between the two sides was shift scheduling.
I agree with her 'contention' that the debate was a good thing for the party, as argued below.
A common area of 'contention' is the time the new home will be complete.
The absence of independent testing of milk has been a source of 'contention' for years.
the captured territory was the main area of 'contention' between the two countries
It plainly indicates that a controversy or 'contention' has arisen between the parties.
Freud's 'contention' that all dreams were wish fulfilment
Last night he had put himself in medal 'contention' in the decathlon.
The basis for this 'contention' among British doctors seems even more tenuous.
The defendant disputes the claimant's 'contention' that they failed in their duty to notify and consult.
Another area of much 'contention' is the desired level of channel control sought by the manufacturer.
We say that if it is necessary, the second respondent in its argument has raised a 'contention' .
The pound in a pensioner's pocket or purse has become the latest point of 'contention' for politicians.
Sea power's dominance, however, has been a point of 'contention' among military historians.
It has been the origin of a lot of discord and a lot of 'contention' over consents.
The appellants dispute this 'contention' by reference to the principle as formulated by them.
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