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a contentious issue
causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.
translation of 'contentious'
The Greeks did not have the capacity to write philosophy, because they were a 'contentious' people.
Some of the most 'contentious' and disputed issues of our day are matters of bioethics.
The transgene contamination is certain to fuel the 'contentious' debate over the use of genetically modified crops.
Are there other examples of the Supreme Court resolving 'contentious' moral questions based on ambiguous constitutional text?
We must find an accord, even if it involves the imposition of peace keeping force between the 'contentious' parties.
It was also a reform which concentrated on a single, highly 'contentious' aspect of transplantation law and ignored long-standing proposals for reform and European initiatives.
A small, dark, 'contentious' people known as the Picts held sway over the islands until the eighth and ninth centuries, when Viking invaders arrived.
As I stated in the opening paragraph of my article, the issue is 'contentious' and controversial.
In 1996, after much 'contentious' debate, Congress passed historic welfare reform legislation.
On the other hand, reopening 'contentious' matters or permitting one or more of the parties to add to their case or make a new case should rarely be allowed.
There was no winner in Thursday night's debate, which was the most 'contentious' of the four debates held so far.
Now the tables are turned on the university's 'contentious' president.
My Lord, you will be aware of the 'contentious' nature of this litigation between the parties.
A still more 'contentious' area surrounds the question whether the defendants, or either of them, should be permitted to make purchases.
The century-old organization used to be at the mercy of the often 'contentious' parties in Italy's coalition governments.
As well, the 'contentious' debate over the full disclosure of vulnerabilities will continue to rage amongst security stakeholders.
It looks as if the only 'contentious' affidavit is this one you are about to tell me about, Mr Douglas.
I shall therefore summarise the parties' respective arguments on these 'contentious' issues.
As between solicitor and client in both 'contentious' and non-contentious costs the taxing officer starts with the retainer.
Although Tanzania is one of the least densely populated countries in eastern Africa, control and access to productive lands has become an increasingly 'contentious' issue.
Cadorna would become one of the most 'contentious' figures in the history of the war.
We have always been a 'contentious' people without any hesitation to tear down our leaders.
He is known as a bold, often 'contentious' director.
The film refuses to judge - both sides of this 'contentious' debate are vividly and powerfully drawn.
Although many agreed that this system was not compatible with separation, the introduction of a new system was highly 'contentious' and hotly debated.
The Continuing Record extends to eleven volumes and includes serious, 'contentious' allegations back and forth between the parties and other deponents.
A 'contentious' and nuanced debate within our polity that is therefore sure to continue is the one about the value and meaning of neo-conservatism.
It would impose an impossible burden on a jobbing printer to have to employ an in-house lawyer to vet 'contentious' or controversial material.
Did such groups welcome or avoid 'contentious' debates?
These were complex, troubled, frequently 'contentious' people.
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