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a detailed contract that attempts to provide for all possible contingencies
a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.
translation of 'contingency'
अनिश्चित घटना
He made an art that was a net to catch 'contingency' .
The value of wondering about life is not diminished thereby, but the big quest may amount to ‘confronting the fragility, unpredictability and 'contingency' of life and doing the best we can with it’.
From the news side perspective, the main tool for smoothing earnings was the 'contingency' budget.
Simply, there is nothing to see ‘correctly’; there are only shifting webs of 'contingency' .
stores were kept as a 'contingency' against a blockade
If, for instance, a sum of money is payable on a 'contingency' , there is no debt owing or accruing.
The other is indignation at some historians' recourse to 'contingency' and the counterfactual to unsettle old certainties.
This hypothesis is also consistent with evidence that suggests that individuals use their knowledge to guide the selection of events to be used in the computation of 'contingency' .
Running an Internet cafe at his native place with two like-minded youngsters, Thamby has his own funds for meeting 'contingency' expenses.
This may provide a way beyond the generalised extremes of homogeneity and heterogeneity in analysing the necessity and 'contingency' in organisational forms of capital.
This he sees as the latest outworking of a history which involves a ‘collision between 'contingency' and enduring tradition.’
And cursed myself for not researching this 'contingency' on the Internet.
For ethical reasons, it will be difficult if not impossible to create the true response-cost 'contingency' presented to the gambler.
Christmas is looming ever closer, and this morning on the radio warnings were going out to holiday campers, to have a 'contingency' for possible evacuations, in the event of fire.
Well, this does not really matter so much, for the only thing that matters is the free soul within, and that cannot be touched by any 'contingency' .
But at its best, especially in the fiction, there is a fantastic sense of energy, intellectual fearlessness, 'contingency' , reckless dash.
It covers every 'contingency' and of course if investors do wait long enough the ‘good investment in the long term’ will probably sooner or later prove to have been right.
If the provision of a 'contingency' sum were normal practice, why would the Department of Health see the need to investigate the matter?
Under the umbrella of religious or cultural norms, discrimination is promulgated through the delimitation of cultural 'contingency' .
Also a small 'contingency' of seats was reserved for emergencies.
It may be that the nature of the engagement was such that the interest that your Honour had was an interest in the future when the 'contingency' occurred.
That, as it were, removes or deals with a critical 'contingency' which would make compensation payable, but it is only the first step.
Yet, this same 'contingency' is what leads to the organised liar's defeat, because lying can never be a substitute for the truth.
Most local headhunters operate on 'contingency' , which means they do not charge or have commitment with the client until they offer the the right executive.
Consultants are jumping in and frightening boards of directors into covering every 'contingency' at huge expense.
If you break ground with every finish, every material, and every item specified, you still need a 'contingency' budget.
Is history a tale of individual action and decision, of 'contingency' , with vast consequences depending on who is on the spot and what they decide to do?
They provide a payout based on a 'contingency' , charging a premium for the privilege.
a 'contingency' reserve
A space shuttle 'contingency' has been declared in Mission Control as a result of the loss of communication with the Space Shuttle Columbia.
India should have contingency plan for 'Brexit' fallout: Assocham
TRENDING: France and Germany make contingency plans for no-deal Brexit
TRENDING: Germany and France start to draw up no-deal Brexit contingency plans
EU reveals no-deal Brexit contingency plans
Jet saga: Lenders make contingency plan in case of no bids
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