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the continuation of discussions about a permanent peace
the action of carrying something on over a period of time or the process of being carried on.
translation of 'continuation'
नित्य संबंध
Required preventative treatments as a condition for issuance and 'continuation' of a policy.
Perhaps the most obvious issue is resumption, 'continuation' , or worsening of substance abuse.
the 'continuation' of discussions about a permanent peace
I'm proud of my mother's family history, and of what my last name represents in terms of connection to and 'continuation' of that history.
They argue that his contributions are nothing more than a 'continuation' of Stalin's positions.
The 'continuation' of economic austerity policies under these conditions has provoked a wave of upheavals throughout the continent.
The 'continuation' of the human society as we know it now is a function of today's youths who will be tomorrow's adults guiding those coming behind them.
I note that one of the major recommendations was that 'continuation' of research is critical to New Zealand's future.
The 'continuation' of such appalling conditions is cause for anger and consternation across a wide spectrum of animal lovers.
There is almost no place for effective resistance to the maintenance and 'continuation' of this order.
Another concern is the 'continuation' of drought conditions across much of the south-east of the country.
Nowhere, perhaps, is this as exasperating as in the terrible 'continuation' of massive hunger and undernourishment in India.
the administration's 'continuation' in office
Our submission is that it is an affront to the administration of justice if the 'continuation' of the proceedings would be an abuse.
What resulted is a discussion on record to obtain new dates for 'continuation' .
Wherever we finish up, my top priority is to obtain the best deal for the members and within that I'd like to see healthy 'continuation' of the protection business.
The real blame for the 'continuation' in office of the increasingly megalomaniacal Maire lies with the Liberals.
once a separate village, it is now a 'continuation' of the suburbs
The 'continuation' of its current reform path should enable Bulgaria to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union.
For the institution of the High Court the appointment of a new Judge reflects a process of 'continuation' and renewal.
As long as such funding is given without conditions it is the best way of ensuring the 'continuation' of academic freedom and the existence of the university in any meaningful sense.
For much the same reason, we support the 'continuation' of the office of Queen's Counsel.
Which leaves the question of what we'll get when the feature-length 'continuation' of the show debuts almost a year from now.
The annual Budget is a natural process of 'continuation' of financial policies and it should build up on the edifice that exists already.
The quiz programme is in 'continuation' and in addition to the lecture series on the above subjects regularly held once in a month on Sundays.
Services needed to be used to guarantee 'continuation' .
I think this conversation would best be served by 'continuation' in the Admiral's office, don't you think?
As necessity dictates, there are sinister reasons behind all that unfolds, and at the end the scene is set for an even darker and gloomier 'continuation' .
So if the work-for-the-dole scheme fails its own criteria, one may justly ask what's the point of its 'continuation' ?
Although they are guaranteed labor rights on paper, guestworkers depend on the 'continuation' of a job to remain in the country.
Cabinet approves continuation of National Ayush Mission
Cabinet approves continuation of MPLADS till 2020
Cabinet approves continuation of Krishi Vigyan Kendras
CCEA approves continuation of Nutrient Based Subsidy and City Compost Scheme
Minister writes to official on discontinuation of ration supply
Vajpayee's death not end, but continuation of his era: Jaitley
Odisha CM seeks continuation of treatment of conjoined twins at AIIMS
Cabinet okays continuation of National AIDS Control Programme-IV
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