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the general contraction of the industry did further damage to morale
the process of becoming smaller.
translation of 'contraction'
the general 'contraction' of the industry did further damage to morale
Thus, our measurements appear to be particularly well suited for characterization of dynamic actin rheology during airway smooth muscle 'contraction' .
How do you mime the archaic exclamation ‘Zounds’, a 'contraction' of ‘God's wounds’?
However, surges in the trade deficit need not cause general economic 'contraction' if they are accompanied by growth of demand from other sources.
The mechanical contribution of atrial 'contraction' to normal cardiac function was first described in the 17th century by William Harvey.
As the inevitable consolidation process proceeds in response to the many pressures that the industry faces, job 'contraction' may be inevitable.
It was only in recent years, following the renationalisation of 1967 and the subsequent 'contraction' of the industry, that the organisation proved to be a success.
The ongoing 'contraction' of manufacturing industry and low inflation are seen as further arguments for a fresh cut.
Often the file extension name is a 'contraction' of a word which describes the file, for example, ‘.txt’ is short for text.
The longer the economy continues to persist without any economic and market 'contraction' , the more severe the crisis will be once it occurs.
Bios here is a 'contraction' of the word biosphere.
Unless they are very small they will take weeks to heal and undergo severe 'contraction' .
In this departure from the norm one was able to identify the possible source of a severe future economic 'contraction' when the asset bubble burst.
The American industry has so far avoided the kind of painful 'contraction' that the European steelworkers suffered in the last two decades.
Symptoms of atrial fibrillation are generally due to hemodynamic derangements that are the result of loss of atrial 'contraction' and increased ventricular response.
I can't resist stopping for one brief second to point out that the word holiday is merely a 'contraction' of the words holy day.
Load-induced injury occurs in two phases: an acute injury immediately after muscle 'contraction' and a delayed or secondary injury.
Mr Wall said that the firm's success during the continuing 'contraction' of the textiles industry had come from attention to flexibility and customer service as well as ensuring the high quality of low quantity orders.
But you won't get the intensity of muscle 'contraction' that you need to see a difference in abdominal tone.
To aid in modeling cell-driven 'contraction' , a contractile unit was generally defined as a set of applied loads which sum to zero and produce zero net torque.
Another common mistake is to confuse it's and its, the former being a 'contraction' of it is and the latter a possessive pronoun.
Is the severe 'contraction' of certain major components of the governmental institution abidingly new?
For example, it is suggested that lower doses cause more contraction of the womb, and higher doses have a more spasmodic effect and decrease the rate of 'contraction' .
repeat the exercise, holding each 'contraction' for one second
Myotonia refers to the inability to relax following muscle 'contraction' ,.
Moreover, the City in particular is suffering the worst 'contraction' for a generation.
Acetylcholine is released by neurons to provoke muscle 'contraction' .
As collagen undergoes maturation and 'contraction' , local forces give rise to further distension of air spaces.
It's just a dubious 'contraction' of the word ‘fabulous’.
the general 'contraction' of the industry did further damage to morale
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